Convince Your Boss

Unable to convince your manager or purchasing department that Total Visual CodeTools should be a "must-have" purchase? We have made it easy for you by giving you a list of compelling reasons why Total Visual CodeTools should be your development partner.

Top Ten Reasons Why Total Visual CodeTools Will Save Your Company Time and Money

#1: Writing Code Is Hard To Do

Writing code that works is hard enough without having to worry about commenting, error handling, and development standards. Total Visual CodeTools takes care of these details for your developers--while writing new code, or updating existing code.

#2: Error Handling is a Must

Professional application development requires error handling--ship software without it and you're asking for trouble. The problem is that implementing error handling is time-consuming and tedious work. It is often left out when schedules get tight. Why not let Total Visual CodeTools do the work for your developers?

#3: Consistent Style and Standards Cut Costs

Various estimates put the cost of code consistency at between 10 and 30% of a project's budget. Additional studies show that non-standard coding style injects additional development time as developers struggle to work with someone else's code. But consistent style requires discipline and lots of busy work. Total Visual CodeTools enforces your company's standards across all code development projects.

#4: Commenting is Essential

Without code comments, there is no way to keep track of versions and changes within a code project. This leads to confusion and defects since your developers can't determine what changed, when it changed, and who changed it. Total Visual CodeTools automates the process of adding comments to new and existing code, using the standards your organization defines.

#5: Simple Builders Save Time

Total Visual CodeTools includes a full set of builders that make creating common code a snap. Simply open a builder, set a few options, and new procedures and code are automatically inserted into the project.

#6: Enforced Standards Save Money

Total Visual CodeTools allows you to define your organization's standards at a top level. All developers using CodeTools automatically share settings so you can be sure all projects use the standards and settings you define.

#7: Training New Developers is Expensive

The most common mistakes made by new developers will be in adherence to your organization's standards. New developers often have their own coding styles and techniques which may not necessarily match yours. Total Visual CodeTools enforces your coding standards so new developers can quickly adjust to a new way of doing things.

#8: Absolutely Risk Free Guarantee & Technical Support

We are so confident in Total Visual CodeTools that if it doesn't pay for itself in 30 days, return it for a prompt and courteous refund. FMS has dedicated professionals offering technical support. Support is available through our online support ticket system, phone, and email.

#9: Professional Documentation

All FMS products come with a full printed user guide and extensive online help: learning and using our products couldn't be easier.

#10: FMS is the world leader in VBA/VB6 products

No other Microsoft Access/VB6 company has been around longer than FMS. No other Access/VB6 company has won more awards than FMS. We have been shipping our products since 1987. You can buy from FMS with confidence.

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