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Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Total Visual CodeTools! We hope that you use this Trial to discover how Total Visual CodeTools can help you create better code in less time than ever.

Introducing Total Visual CodeTools

Total Visual CodeTools supports your coding efforts in all VB/VBA hosts, including Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office 365/Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, Office XP/2002, and Office 2000. Increase your productivity and take advantage of the enterprise features to make your entire development team more effective. We hope you find Total Visual CodeTools useful in your daily coding activities, for cleaning up old or inherited projects, and for delivering more robust applications.

Learning About the Product

When you install Total Visual CodeTools, the setup program creates registry entries so the Microsoft Visual Basic and Office programs can integrate it into their add-ins menu. Total Visual CodeTools installs as a "loaded" add-in. This means that whenever you start Visual Basic or the Office Visual Basic Editor, the CodeTools menu  and toolbar is ready to go.

While we have designed Total Visual CodeTools to be as easy to use as possible, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the basics before using it. To do this, use the Online Help that comes with the product. You can access Online Help from the program by pressing [F1], or by going to your Windows Start Menu and selecting Programs, FMS, Total Visual CodeTools, Help.

Important Trial Information

This trial version is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the power of Total Visual CodeTools. It is identical to the full version of the product with the following exceptions:

  • The trial version runs for 14 days. After that time, the program expires; however, your standards settings are saved and can be used by the full version.
  • The trial version only allows you to run Code Cleanup and Code Delivery on one class/module at a time. The full version has no limit.
  • The Trial version allows you to preview Code Cleanup and Code Delivery changes on the screen, but does not allow you to apply changes to your code. The full version allows you to apply changes to your code.
  • The Trial version does not include a printed User's Guide, but does include an online help file. The full version includes a printed User's Guide in addition to the online help file.

Install the Trial Now

To install the Trial version of Total Visual CodeTools, follow these steps.

Download the setup file for your version of Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Access Version


Access 2010, Version 14.0
(For MS Access 2000-2019/Office 365)
32-bit Only
  1. Run the setup program from your local computer.
  2. Be sure to read the contents of the README file for important Trial information.

Contact Us

We are very interested in receiving feedback about Total Visual CodeTools. Please submit any questions or comments to our Support Team.

Total Visual CodeTools User manual

Microsoft Office Access 2016, 2013, 2010 Version
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New Features

Supports Office/Access 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and Visual Basic 6.0!

Also available for
Access 97

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"Total Visual CodeTools is by far my favorite third-party product."

Alison Balter, Author, Conference Speaker, Instructor

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