Comparison of Total Visual SourceBook with the Microsoft Code Librarian

With Office 2000, Microsoft introduced the Code Librarian in the Office Developers Edition. The Microsoft tool is a good introduction to the concept of code libraries, but can't compare to the feature set of Total Visual SourceBook.

It also takes a lot of time and effort to create a vibrant and current code library. Microsoft discontinued the Code Librarian with Office 2003.

Use this side-by-side comparison to see which product is right for you.

Feature Total Visual SourceBook MOD Code Librarian
Total Lines of Code Over 125,000 31,000
Code Documentation Every procedure, module, class, category and topic contains extensive documentation Minimal
Code Examples Every module and class has example code showing how to use our code in your applications None
Searching Search by keyword, category, developer, creation/modification dates, and more Keyword only
Multi-user code sharing Supports entire development team None
Store user code in SQL Server Yes No
Support customized error handling Yes No
Create Bookmarks Yes No
Supports remote team members Source Code Exchange allows easy packaging of code, notes and examples, along with developer contact information No
Supports code synchronization Source Code Exchange handles the merge/replace/new model for keeping code in sync. No
Printing of Code Yes No
Color coding Yes No
Integration with Visual Basic 6 Yes No
Import from other code libraries Yes No

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Reader Choice Award for MS Access Source Code Library
Reader Choice

"The code is exactly how I would like to write code and the algorithms used are very efficient and well-documented."

Van T. Dinh, Microsoft MVP

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