Sample Zip Code Data for Microsoft Access

Example of Access Table and Form

With the zip code table, you can easily create forms that automatically fill the city and state names when the zip code is entered, and also allow users to select non-primary city names:

Zip Code Database Sample

In the example above, there are three acceptable city names for zip code 22193. Let your users choose from the list and eliminate typos.

ASCII Files Data Samples

The ASCII Files come in 2 different formats. Both ASCII Files are available to you in addition to the Microsoft Access databases.

File 1: All Zip Codes and Acceptable City and State Names

The first contains all the information with each Zip Code, whether it's the Primary City, City, State, County Number and County Name. A unique identifier exists for each record.


The sample above contains more than one city for zip codes "00603" and "00604".  The "1" denotes the primary city and the "0" denotes a secondary city name for the same zip code.  Some zip codes can have multiple secondary cities.

File 2: Primary City and State for Each Zip Code

The USPS has an official city and state name for each zip code. The second file contains just this Primary location for each zip code without the secondary cities:


Total Zip Code Database Brochure
PDF Fact Sheet

Supports All Versions of Microsoft Access, Office, .NET, SQL Server, and VB6

Zip Code Info


"Of all the features I added, automatically filling city and state names when a user entered a zip code turned out to be what my users loved the most.

It not only took the least time, it also cost the least to implement. I still can't believe it!"

Anonymous Incredulous Developer

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