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"Of all the features I added, automatically filling city and state names when a user entered a zip code turned out to be what my users loved the most. It not only took the least time, it also cost the least to implement. I still can't believe it!"

Anonymous Incredulous Developer

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Zip Codes for Microsoft Access users and developersZip Codes for Microsoft Access users and developers US Postal Service Zip Codes Sample USPS Zip Codes in a Microsoft Access database

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In conjunction with the United States Postal Service (USPS), FMS is pleased to offer Total ZipCode Database--a monthly subscription to the official USPS zip code database.

With your annual subscription, you receive the current copy of the official USPS zip codes, plus 11 monthly updates. Order today or renew your existing license.

Product Updates

When you order Total ZipCode Database, we provide you with a URL, user name, and password for downloading the ZipCode data. The data is updated on a monthly basis, and we email when the new data is available.

Contact us if you are not receiving your email notifications.