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This file is an update program for any previously installed version of Total Access CodeTools for Access 97 to version 8.01.

Caution! This update will overwrite all your current settings. Please copy all the information you want to keep into a document so you can easily restore the settings you currently have when changing the settings of the new version.

These enhancements have been added since the original shipping version:

  • Allows Users to Remove Line Numbering.
  • Change in the procedure builder by allowing users to copy the body to the Event without the procedure declaration and the Exit Function|Sub lines.
  • Additional Code Cleanup Messages.
  • Long Text Builder Enhancements for SQL strings.
  • New Procedure and New Property Builders now correctly handle null strings in the Text box
  • ListFill procedure now handles code correctly to make 0-based arrays.
  • Class property variables now correctly supported in the New Property Procedure Builder.
  • The Long Text Builder has a new "Format as SQL" option to allow SQL syntax word wrapping of SQL code. This eliminates the need to save SQL strings as queries for use in the SQL Builder.
  • Naming convention forms updated to correctly store Double and Document tags.
  • The toolbar creeping off the screen by one pixel on close is fixed.
  • Code Cleanup supports module names containing single or double quotes.
  • Tokens (using the # symbol) in the procedure and property builders now correctly handles all values.
  • Message Box Builder now handles null values in caption and message fields.
  • Handling of IF..THEN.. statements in Code Cleanup is enhanced to handle multi-clause THEN statements on one line.
  • Updates to prevent the mouse wheel from incorrectly moving off a record.

Please be sure to Review the Readme.txt file for the full update information and details on how to use the new features available.

tactl801.exe (811 KB) (posted March 3, 1999)

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