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Thank you for your interest in Total Access Emailer. We hope that you will take this opportunity to evaluate the product and discover how it can help you leverage your email address lists, and communicate with your contacts better than ever.

Please take a moment to read this document to help you get up-to-speed with downloading and using the free trial version.


Introducing Total Access Emailer

The email addresses in your Microsoft Access databases are a valuable asset. Whether your database contains a list of customers, prospects, employees, or other contacts, email offers an efficient way to communicate with them.

Sending email from Access couldn't be easier! Total Access Emailer taps the power of Microsoft Access and email so you can generate personalized messages for everyone in your Access table, query, or view. Send messages in text and/or HTML format, attach files, and use field values to create customized emails for each recipient. You can even embed Access reports, tables, and queries/views as your message or as attachments. Use the power of Access to create custom, richly formatted emails for each recipient!

Available Versions

A version of Total Access Emailer is available for each of these Microsoft Access versions:

  • Version 22.0 for Access 365, 2021, 2019
  • Version 16.81 for Access 2016
  • Version 15.81 for Access 2013
  • Version 14.81 for Access 2010

Each version only works with its version of Access.

Your Trial Version Email Specifications are Preserved

The trial version lets you create emails specifying the data source, field names and email text to use. Total Access Emailer saves these settings (not the individual emails), so you can resend your email when your data changes.

These settings are preserved so that when you purchase the full version, you can use the emails you designed with the trial version.

Standard vs. Professional Version

Total Access Emailer is available in two versions. The Standard version is for end users that do not need the programmatic interface or redistribution rights. It includes all the interactive features of Total Access Emailer.

The Professional version includes the Standard version, plus a programmatic interface to allow power users and developers to programmatically add email blasts to their applications (for instance, a button that launches an email blast or a system that continuously checks for certain criteria before triggering an email blast). This version also includes a royalty-free Runtime License that allows the distribution of applications with the programmatic interface to send emails to people who do not own Total Access Emailer. Complete details of the Runtime License are included in the License Agreement.

The Trial Version is for the Standard version.

Starting Total Access Emailer

To start Total Access Emailer, follow these steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Access, and load your database. We recommend starting with the sample database that ships with the Trial.
  2. From the Access menu, select Tools, Add-Ins, Total Access Emailer.

While we have designed Total Access Emailer to be as easy to use as possible, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the basics before using it. To do this, use the Online Help that comes with the product. You can access Online Help from the program by pressing [F1], or by going to your Windows Start Menu and selecting Programs, FMS, Total Access Emailer, Help.

Trial Version Limitations

This trial is designed to give you the opportunity to evaluate the power of Total Access Emailer. The trial version is similar to the full version, but has the following limitations:

  • The trial only allows tables to be used as the record source for email blasts. The full version supports using queries and views.
  • The trial only supports tables with 50 or fewer records. The full version does not have a limit.
  • Only one email blast can be sent at a time using the trial. The full version supports sending multiple email blasts consecutively.
  • The trial version is for the Standard version and does not include the Professional Version features:
    • It does not include the VBA programmatic interface
    • It does not include the redistributable runtime library
  • The trial version expires 15 days after the first time you run the program. After the expiration date, you will need to obtain the full version of the software.
  • Messages from the trial version include a footer link to the Total Access Emailer Website.
  • The online help file is included but the printed User's Guide is not available with the trial version. The full version includes a professionally printed User's Guide.

Installing the Trial Software

Download the setup file for your version of Microsoft Access. These downloads include install the 32 or 64-bit versions depending on the bitness of the Access version on your machine.

Microsoft Access Version


Access 365, 2021 and 2019 Download
Access 2016 Download
Access 2013 Download
Access 2010 Download
  1. Run the setup program from your local computer.
  2. Be sure to read the README file for important Trial information.
  3. It now appears on your Access add-ins menu. Start with the sample database to see how it works.

Contact Us

We are very interested in receiving feedback about Total Access Emailer. Please submit any questions or comments to our Support Team.

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