Rave Reviews of Total Access Emailer for Microsoft Access

Total Access Emailer is the most popular email program for Microsoft Access. Designed exclusively for MS Access, Total Access Emailer extends the power of Access, your data, and your reports to email. Discover how easy and helpful Total Access Emailer can be for you:

Crossland Construction Company

I love Total Access Emailer. In an effort to “go green” the higher ups in the company decided to stop sending out paper check stubs. So I began making phone calls to find out what other companies were using, such as online pay stubs and so on. With a company our size (1000+ employees) we decided that emailing the stubs would be the best solution. So I created a database to do just that. Then I got stuck with the decision, either spend weeks trying to code it to email out the correct stubs to the correct person, or try an ‘add-in’ solution.

That’s where I came across Total Access Emailer. I chose it because it was recommended by Microsoft itself. I was pleasantly surprised that it went even further than emailing the pay stubs, which is confidential and user specific. It was also able to add the safety reports and ‘lost time’ reports that we send out with the check stubs to each person. I am confident that we will find so many more uses for it beyond what we originally bought it for. It has truly made my life MUCH easier.

I was reluctant to buy it because I was worried about it interfering with our current SMTP setup. We use Exchange. I was greatly pleased to find that not only did it not interfere; it was actually really easy to configure.

Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional I found Total Access Emailer to be a well designed and much needed add-in for Access. I was very interested in looking at the product since I already had several databases in which I had collected email addresses but until recently, never actually needed to use them for a bulk emailing. Since writing a bulk emailer was one of those projects that never hit the top of my priority list I was pleased to experiment with the new FMS product.

I had a very pressing need to send a mass email to the members of our local swim team. From start to finish, including the time it took me to download and install the product, I spent approximately 1 hour, and part of that time was spent writing the email. I was thrilled with how easy it was to run and I appreciated that I didn't need to build any special tables or queries. I simply selected an existing query that had the appropriate email address information and told the program which fields to use, then hit the send button to send email messages to approximately 100 swim team parents. The logging feature is also very nice and simple to use.

Since then I've sent several other emails, also with great results. Since it was so simple to use I spent virtually no time configuring the program for the second and subsequent emails. I haven't had an opportunity to try all the options but it appears to have all of the features I would ever need for creating bulk email for one of my applications. It really looks great and I look forward to working with it some more.

Wisegarver & Associates

Just now using Total Access Emailer for the umpteenth time, and thinking of how much time and work your product has saved us over the past ten years or so (through several versions of the product). Very grateful not just for the leverage the program gives us, but also that it does so seamlessly, as though it's been refined many times over.

We did not need to be a programming geniuses to use it, and the few issues we've had over the years were usually on our end. Those very few that weren't were addressed promptly by tech support.

Thank you!

Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Total Access Emailer installed easily and performed flawlessly, right out of the box. The included VBA code made it easy to incorporate it in my application.

I’ve written lots of code over the years, but would have saved a ton of money had I started with this Total Access Emailer to begin with. I’m glad to be using it now.

I try to use commercial products that have legs (like Access) to save my time and my client's money, and FMS has been around as long as Access.

New Zealand New Zealand

I recently purchased Total Access Emailer and I just want to say what a great program it is. We send invoices and dispatch data electronically (in text or XML format) from our Access database.

It used to be a rather cumbersome having to manually attach files that we had created using Access. Now, with just a click of a button, Total Access Emailer takes care of the entire process. Thank you!

Access Application Developer

Bought and configured Total Access Emailer for a client to send out numerous Alert reports to various people in the organization.

Works like a champ (which is what I've come to expect from FMS), makes my client contact look like a genius and is helping the organization go through a complete culture change as a result of timely analytical reports.

You guys ROCK!!!

Thanks for all you do to help us in the field.

Developer Central 32

Email jobs are saved so they can be edited and reused. You also get statistics and reporting after a blast has gone out.

There's even a programmatic interface in case you'd like to add emailing capabilities to your own Access applications.

All in all, a nice piece of work.


North East Insurance Company

Total Access Emailer has more than lived up to my expectations....

I have found it to be an exciting tool to work with, and very easy to learn and use.

The help is very well documented and easy to read/understand. Thank you for a great product! Very Pleased.

Scott American Corporation

Total Access Emailer is a consistently reliable and productive software program for merging and mailing data stored in an Access database.

Additionally, the documentation is simple and straightforward. We can't talk about FMS support, because we've never needed it.

Independent Contractor

Just bought the Total Access Emailer Professional Version.

Wonderful product with great documentation.

Cannot say enough good things about John. Also my thanks to all the developers of this wonderful product. Possibilities are endless.

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