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FMS Products for Microsoft Access 2007

All of our Microsoft Access products support Access 2007 and are shipping!Microsoft Access 2007

Thank you for your interest in our Access 2007 products. We worked with Access 2007 since the alpha version and are delighted by the considerable investment Microsoft made to enhance Access. With Access 2007, new features can be easily added that was impossible before, and Access applications now offer a completely modern user interface.

Rather than simply porting our products to Microsoft Access 2007 with the same functionality as before, we invested the time and effort to make sure we take advantage of the new capabilities of Access 2007, added features requested by our customers, and applied the new Office/Access 2007 look and feel.

Some of our new releases were only for Access 2007 while others involved supporting older versions as well.

Microsoft Access 2007 Versions Available for All Products

Microsoft Access 2007 versions were created for all our products:



Total Access Admin Supports Access 2007's new ACCDB database format, log file for connections and disconnects, compact when everyone exits, command line launching, improved UI and ease of use, etc.
New Features
Total Access Analyzer Supports Access 2007 new objects, field types, properties, embedded macros, VBA, and ACCDB databases. Many new Access 2007 recommendations for Access Best Practices.
New Features
Total Access Components Supports Access 2007 (in addition to Access 2003, 2002, and 2000). New Cursor control, control enhancements, and support for Windows Themes and the Office/Access 2007 look and feel.
New Features
Total Access Detective New version for Access 2007 to support new field types, properties and ACCDB databases. For Access 2007 and prior versions, support for data comparison of ADP tables, data comparison between queries, inexact data comparisons, and improved ADP support.
New Features
Total Access Memo New version for Access 2007 and prior versions with support for Access 2007 ACCDB formats, the new forms in Access 2007, and spell checking enhancements.
New Features
Total Access Speller New version for Access 2007 with X.5 release for prior Access versions. Now with support for ADPs and ACCDBs.
New Features
Total Access Startup Supports Access 2007 and ACCDB databases, launching ADPs, and running "acceptable" Access versions from Access 2007 down to 2000 based on what's on the user's machine, etc.
New Features
Total Access Statistics Supports Access 2007 and prior Access versions with support for ADPs and ACCDB databases. New types of analysis such as running sums and averages, updating your data source with percentiles and regression results, parameter support, etc.
New Features
Total Visual Agent Supports Access 2007 and 2007-format databases (*.ACCDB) in addition to all earlier Access/Jet versions and VB6. Enhanced NT Service features and a streamlined user interface.
New Features
Total Visual CodeTools Supports Access/Office 2007 and earlier Office versions and VB6. Adds unused variable detection, improved code builders such as the Recordset Builder with browse options, New Procedure Builder with enhanced error handling options, customizable variable renaming, faster cleanup and delivery, etc.
New Features
Total Visual SourceBook Supports Access/Office 2007 and earlier Office versions and VB6. Adds lots of new code and revised code to support Access and Outlook 2007. Improved user interface and Vista/Win7 support makes it easier to use than ever.
New Features


Total Visual Developer Suite Includes SourceBook and CodeTools
Total Access Developer Suite Includes Analyzer, CodeTools, Components, Detective and SourceBook
Total Access Ultimate Suite Includes Admin, Agent, Analyzer, CodeTools, Components, Detective, Emailer, SourceBook, Speller, Startup, and Statistics

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