Total Access Speller

Microsoft Access 2013 and 2016 Versions

Also Available for
Microsoft Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97

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"Total Access Speller is a solid product. If you need spell checking in your applications, you should get Total Access Speller."

Paul Litwin, Editor, Smart Access Product Review

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Spell check Microsoft Access forms, reports, macros, etc.Spell check Microsoft Access forms, reports, macros, etc.Spell Checker for Microsoft Access object designs Download the trial version of Total Access Speller

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Microsoft Access includes a spell checker, but it only handles data in tables. What about typos in your forms, reports, labels, captions and validation text? Total Access Speller makes it easy to spell check the objects that appear in your application's user interface. Avoid the embarrassment of typos, and deliver more professional looking applications with this easy-to-use product.

Separate versions of Total Access Speller are available for each version of Access. If you have upgraded your version of Access, you should also upgrade Total Access Speller:

Free Product Patches

As part of our commitment to providing quality software, FMS provides the following update to existing customers free of charge.

Version Latest Version and Build Update Released (if any)
Total Access Speller 2016 16.00.0010 None
Total Access Speller 2013 15.00.0008 None
Total Access Speller 2010 14.00.0008 None
Total Access Speller 2007, version 12.7 12.70.0008 None
Total Access Speller 2007 12.00.0004 October 17, 2008
Total Access Speller 2003, version 11.7 11.70.0010 None
Total Access Speller 2003, version 11.5 11.50.0004 None
Total Access Speller 2003 11.00.0007 February 16, 2005
Total Access Speller 2002, version 10.5 10.50.0004 None
Total Access Speller 2003 10.00.0004 None
Total Access Speller 2000, version 9.5 9.50.0004 None
Total Access Speller 2000 9.00.0004 None
Total Access Speller 97 8.00.0016 None
Total Access Speller 2.0 Code Builder December 30, 1997

Note: You must have the original release of the product installed for the product update to work.