Top Ten Reasons Total Access Detective Will Save Your Organization Time and Money

Total Access Detective will improve your productivity and the quality of your deliverables by eliminating rework and giving you better control of your Microsoft Access applications and data.

Unable to convince your manager or purchasing department that Total Access Detective should be a "must-have" purchase? We have made it easy for you by providing a list of compelling reasons.

  1. Accuracy Matters: Know Exactly what Changed
    Total Access Detective pinpoints exactly what changed between two Microsoft Access objects in one database or objects between two databases. Eliminate the guesswork and know what was modified with your fields, properties, controls, macro lines, lines of code, and data. Why do it manually which is time consuming and less accurate?
  2. Save Your Reputation and Time
    Depending on your mission, not finding a difference could be disastrous. If a missed difference causes your application to crash, it's critical you know everything that changed. Avoid the loss of trust and damage to your reputation by running a bad version of your work.
  3. Easily Track Changes
    Great for showing your boss/client the work you did, or to track the changes your developers make each day, a week, a month, etc. Find new and deleted objects, and learn what was modified, not modified, and details of modified objects.
  4. Find Data Modifications
    Determining data changes is a difficult and time-consuming process. Total Access Detective helps you compare user vs. developer copies, or the current copy vs. a backup. Determine which records were added, deleted, or modified, and the modified field values.
  5. Combine Records from Two Tables into a New Table
    Easily create a new table based on two tables, with options to specify which records to retrieve from the source tables
  6. Perform Smart Module Comparisons
    Unlike a basic text comparison routine that performs a line-by-line comparison, Total Access Detective understands VBA code and compares procedures between modules. It lists procedures in one module and not the other, and is not confused if procedures are re-ordered, added, or deleted. Options let you focus on what really changed since you can optionally ignore indentations, blank lines, capitalization, and line numbers.
  7. Eliminate Duplicate Objects in a Database
    Because Total Access Detective examines all the differences between a pair of objects, you can find duplicate objects or multiple objects that can be merged, reducing database bloat and increasing performance.
  8. Runs within Microsoft Access
    Total Access Detective runs as an Access add-in. Simply open your database and launch Total Access Detective. Its step-by-step wizard lets you easily select the objects to compare. When the analysis is complete, you can view, print, preview and export the results.
  9. Award Winning, Established Product
    Winner of multiple awards since its launch in 1995, Total Access Detective has undergone major upgrades with each version of Access and continues to receive rave reviews.
  10. FMS: the Leading Microsoft Access Development Firm
    Total Access Detective is developed by FMS, the world's leading developer of Access products. We offer:
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee30 day money back guarantee
  • Built by full-time, professional developers, quality assurance, and support teams
  • Professionally printed documentation
  • High quality and functional because we use our products.
  • Longevity: In business since 1986 with tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, you can be sure we will be here to support you for years to come.

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"Total Access Detective is well worth every penny, it will quickly pay for itself through savings in time and effort."

Tom Cryan, Denver Access User Group product review

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