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"Total Visual Agent is a real find, a rare combination of ease of use, and bang for the buck. In the end, no other competitor even comes close."

Thomas Wagner, Product Review in MS Office and VBA Developer

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Frequently Asked Questions for Total Visual Agent

Pre-Sale Questions

Installation and Initial Use Questions

Use Questions

FAQ for Legacy Versions

Pre-Sale Questions

What version of Total Visual Agent do I need and what versions of Microsoft Access and VB6 does it support?

Total Visual Agent 2016

Total Visual Agent 2016 is our latest version supporting:

  • Microsoft Access 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, 95, 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0.
  • All Jet Databases formats (ACCDB and MDB) from Access 2016 and earlier
  • Access Data Projects (ADP) from Access 2010 and earlier if you have the appropriate version of Access installed (ADP is not supported in Access 2013 or later)
  • Jet Engine 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, and 2.0
  • Visual Basic 6.0, 5.0, and 4.0

To support the ACCDB database format, Total Visual Agent 2016 installs the ACE database engine on your computer if Access 2007 or later is not installed on it.

Total Visual Agent 2003

If you do not need to manage Access 2007-2016 format databases (ACCDB) and don't want ACE installed on your machine, choose Total Visual Agent 2003.

Total Visual Agent 2003 does not require any version of Access to be installed, except if you want to run macros or compact ADPs. Total Visual Agent 2003 supports:

  • Microsoft Access 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, 95, 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0.
  • Databases and Access Data Projects in Access 2002-2003 format or earlier (MDBs, ADPs, etc.)
  • Jet Engine 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, and 2.0
  • Visual Basic 6.0, 5.0, and 4.0

Note that Total Visual Agent 2003 does not include all the features in the 2016 version.

Check the Product Compatibility Chart for version information for all of our products.

For information on the history of Access versions, visit our Microsoft Access Version Releases, Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Updates History page.

What enhancements were made to the latest version of Total Visual Agent?

A huge number of new features were added in Total Visual Agent 2016 compared to the previous 2013 version:

  • Support for Microsoft Access 2016 and earlier
  • Support for Email using Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection type to support Office365's SMTP server
  • Identification of the machine locking a database if it can't be compacted
  • No need to install Microsoft Access on your PC (unless you want to run Access)
  • Activity log shows the duration of each activity
  • Tasks are not run at the end of an event interval
  • Enabled/Disabled status is shown on the event settings form
  • More robust Service feature
  • Support for Windows 8 and 10
  • New User Manual and Help File

For complete list and more details, visit: New Features in Total Visual Agent 2016

These features were added in the between the 2007 and 2013 versions: New Features in Total Visual Agent 2013

Can I try Total Visual Agent before I buy it?

Yes. Download the fully functional Trial Version of Total Visual Agent and use it for 30 days.

Also, remember that FMS products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence!

Can Total Visual Agent run as a Windows Service instead of a standalone application?

Yes. Once you use the Total Visual Agent Manager to specify the tasks to run and their schedule, Total Visual Agent includes an option to run the program as a Windows Service. A Windows Service runs without a user logged on to the computer, providing increased security since you don't need to leave your PC openly running while logged in. A Windows Service can also automatically restart if the machine reboots.

For more information, visit Automate Microsoft Access Database Tasks as a Windows Service.

Can Total Visual Agent manage files across my network?

Yes. Assuming you have security permissions, Total Visual Agent works with files in any folder across your network. Depending on the actions and options you set, you may need read, write, and/or create rights to those files and folders.

Can Total Visual Agent run a macro on a database with a password?

Yes. Total Visual Agent 2013 and later can launch a macro on your secured database with workgroup security or a database password.

Total Visual Agent 2007 and prior versions did not support running macros in databases with a database password.

Can Total Visual Agent compact a database while users are in it?

No. Total Visual Agent does not bypass the Access Database Engine that prevents compacting the database if someone else has it open, either directly or with an open linked table to it. If an attempt is made to compact the database and an exclusive full lock can't be established, Total Visual Agent can send an email to the administrator with the problem and identify the machine(s) that have an open connection to the database. That can help you identify the users who have it open.

Installation and Initial Use Questions

Why won't Total Visual Agent install?

There are a few reasons that may prevent Total Visual Agent from properly installing.

  • You may not be allowed to installing programs in the folder you specified. Choose another folder.
  • There may be interference with other programs that are currently running. Please close the programs you can and try installing again.
  • If you are using an older version of Total Visual Agent, it may not install on environments that were introduced after those products were released. For instance, Total Visual Agent 2007 only supports 32-bit editions of Windows.

Does Total Visual Agent Require Administrator Rights?

Yes, you need Administrator rights to install Total Visual Agent and set it up to run as a Windows Service.

You do not need Administrator permissions to run the Manager or Monitor.

Do I need to have Microsoft Access installed to use Total Visual Agent?

Total Visual Agent 2016 does not require Access to be installed on your PC. Total Visual Agent 2013 and 2007 required a 32-bit version of Access 2007 or later to be installed in order to support ACCDB files.

If you want to execute certain tasks, you must have the appropriate version of MS Access installed:

  • Running/executing a Macro
  • Compacting an ADP

How do I reinstall or upgrade Total Visual Agent without losing my existing schedule settings?

Total Visual Agent stores its settings in a database that is not deleted when the program is uninstalled and not overwritten when the new version is installed.

  • For Total Visual Agent 2016, this is the TVAGENT16.MDB database located in the common files location on your computer (C:\ProgramData\FMS\Total Visual Agent\16.0)
  • For Total Visual Agent 2013, this is the TVAGENT15.MDB database located in the common files location on your computer (C:\ProgramData\FMS\Total Visual Agent\15.0)

When your copy is reinstalled, it automatically uses the settings database if it's found. If not, it creates a new one.

If you want to reinstall the program on another machine, you can copy the settings database or use the Import feature (under File in the Manager). Importing is helpful if you installed a new version of Total Visual Agent and want to retrieve values from your earlier version:

File, Import Total Visual Agent Manager Settings

Import Database Settings

Never rename the settings database from one version to another and presume it will work. The database changes between versions. Use Import instead.

How can I find or configure an SMTP Server for sending error alert email from Total Visual Agent?

If your organization or email provider offers an SMTP service that allows relay, configure Total Visual Agent to use that. Many internet service providers, including Gmail, allow access to SMTP servers.

The following topics on the Total Access Emailer FAQ page may help you find an SMTP server that is available to you:

Use Questions

How do I troubleshoot Total Visual Agent issues with running the Service?

Total Visual Agent can run as a standard Windows program or as a "hidden" Windows Service to execute your scheduled tasks in a secure and robust manner. Since a Windows Service doesn't have a user interface, if something goes wrong, it may be difficult to diagnose the problem. This is how to Troubleshoot the Total Visual Agent Window Service.

Why is launching external programs from the Total Visual Agent Service considered risky?

Certain events require Total Visual Agent to launch external programs, including:

  • Executing Macros
  • Compacting ADP files
  • Executing Custom Commands

Executing these actions from an unattended or a non-interactive user account, like with the Total Visual Agent Service, is risky. It may cause the computer to stop responding, leave programs open in memory, and possibly corrupt data.

If you understand these risks and still determined that you want to launch external programs using the Service, Microsoft has a few suggestions. Refer to the following Microsoft KnowledgeBase articles for more information:

Error when launching the Total Visual Agent Manager: Could not open system workgroup


The Total Visual Agent manager fails to run with this error:

Could not open system workgroup C:\ProgramData\FMS\Total Visual Agent\16.0\TVAGSYS.MDW


Total Visual Agent uses Access databases. The 2016 version does not require Access to be installed, but prior versions do.


This error may occur if Access is not installed or running properly. If you have multiple versions of Access installed, launching the non-current one, can trigger an Office installation update page that resets the environment for the selected Access version. If you cancel that process before Access starts, Access may end up in an incomplete state.


If you have Access installed on your PC, make sure you can run it.

For Total Visual Agent 2013, there may be an issue with Access installed from an Office 365 subscription. In that case, install the free Office System Driver from Microsoft. You can download it from here. Once installed, Total Visual Agent 2013 will successfully load and run. This is not an issue for Total Visual Agent 2016.

After I set up my events, how do I run them?

Total Visual Agent lets you create events in disabled mode so they aren't executed while you set them up.

Event Detail Pane with Enable Disable Status

To run your Events, you must enable them. Simply right click on the Event name in the tree view section of the Total Visual Agent Manager, and select "Enable" from the menu. The Event should no longer be grayed out.

Just because it's enabled doesn't mean the tasks are being run on a schedule. Use the Monitor or Service to run them. They can be activated under View, Monitor and Service Status:

Monitor and Service Status to Process Tasks

Once you launch the Monitor or Service, you can exit the Manager.

Why do I get the error "Update Wizard not initialized properly " when I run the Update Wizard?

This error occurs when you attempt to run the Update Wizard by double clicking the "Update.exe" directly instead of running it from the Windows Programs Menu shortcut. This is because the update.exe file requires parameters to run and return the correct information. In order to determine if there is an update available for this product, please run the update wizard program from the Windows Programs menu or Windows Metro menu.

With Total Visual Agent 2013 or 2016, the Update Wizard is also available from the Help menu when you click "Check for Latest Version":

Help Menu to Launch Update Wizard

How can I tell which Event or Action is going to run first/next?

You can tell which event is going to fire next by looking at the "Next scheduled activity" field on the Monitor or Service Control Manager.

The Items and Actions within each event are executed in the order they are listed in the Manager portion of the application. The actions are listed in the treeview on the left side of the Manager screen.

Why is Total Visual Agent for Microsoft Access is not executing my events?

Previous reports of this issue were the result of one of the following:

  1. Total Visual Agent Monitor program or Service was not started
  2. Event is not enabled
  3. Time is beyond the allotted time allowed for the event

If none of the above applies, please check the history section for possible failures or reasons why the event did not take place. To view this, select View => Activity History Log from the Total Visual Agent Manager interface.

After using Total Visual Agent, why does my database have a password that it didn't have before?

If you enter a value in the "Database Password" field of the Settings dialog, that password is assigned to the compacted database, even if the database did not originally have a database password.

After Total Visual Agent executes the compact/repair action with the option "Compact onto Original File," the password you entered is assigned as the database password.

Here is how this works:

  1. Agent makes a Temporary copy of your database
  2. Agent then compacts and repairs that database
  3. Agent renames the original database
  4. Agent renames the Temporary database to the original database file name
  5. Finally, Agent deletes the original database that was renamed.

During this process Total Visual Agent uses the database password the user entered on the Settings screen as the database password to use when creating the Temporary database. After the process is completed this password is now the password of the database you ran the compact/repair action on.

To change your database back to having no password:

  1. Open the database with your copy of Microsoft Access in exclusive mode using the password you entered into the "Database Password" field in the Agent Setting screen.
  2. Go to the Tools Menu...Security...Unset Database Password... You will then be prompted for the password you used to open the database. Enter that password and then click OK.
  3. Open Total Visual Agent and click on Configure. Choose the database that has the password that was previously assigned to it and then click Settings. The value in the Database Password field (in the bottom right corner) should be deleted. Doing this will ensure that the database does not have a password assigned to it again when the compact/repair action is executed.

When I run a macro with Total Visual Agent I get the error: "Microsoft Access location not specified or is invalid."

This issue can occur in Total Visual Agent if you have two versions of Microsoft Access installed on your machine, but did not specify the path of the Microsoft Access .EXE. To resolve this, do the following:

  1. Open the Total Visual Agent Manager
  2. Go to Tools, Options, and select the "Microsoft Access Locations" tab:
    Microsoft Access Locations by Version
  3. For each version of Access that you have installed, specify the correct path of the msaccess(version).exe.
  4. Under "Access System Database" or "Access (version) INI File", specify the path to the *.MDW or *.INI.
  5. Set the user ID and password, if necessary.

I get this error "Unable to compact replicated databases," but my database is not replicated.

This issue can occur for a number of reasons.

Your database is read-only

To resolve this, use Windows Explorer to locate the database in question. Right click on the database, and choose the menu selection "Properties." Ensure that "Read-Only" is not checked. Or make sure you have the appropriate Windows permissions to modify the database.

Your database either a password, or a user ID and password that are not specified in the Database Settings

You can specify default workgroup settings for each Access version, but for database specific ones, specify it for each database. From the Total Visual Agent Manager, go to View, Managed Databases. Then, highlight your database, and choose the Edit button:

Specify a specific Microsoft Access's database settings

Set the security settings:

  • "None" lets you add a database password.
  • "Default for Access Version" uses the workgroup setting specified for the Access version.
  • "Specify Workgroup" lets you specify the workgroup security file, user ID and password that's different from the default for the Access version.

This is not a valid Microsoft Access database

If this file is not an real Microsoft Access database, but has the accdb or mdb extension, this error may occur. To ensure that it is a Microsoft Access database, please try opening the file with your version of Microsoft Access. If an error is returned saying "Unrecognized database format", then the database was either created with a newer version of Microsoft Access than what you have installed, or it is not a Microsoft Access database at all.

The database you are trying to run the compact action on is a replicated database

Total Visual Agent cannot perform this action on replicated databases.