Microsoft Access Macro Dictionary

Total Access Analyzer lets you generate nicely formatted printouts of your Microsoft Access macros. The macro lines are listed by line number with actions, argument names and values, sub-macro name, conditions and comments. If an action has multiple arguments, each argument name and value is displayed on a separate row.

IF..ELSE..END IF syntax are indented to show the loops. Both standard macros and embedded macros can be printed.

Microsoft Access Macro Dictionary Detail Report

NOTE: For non-English versions of Access, the actions and argument names are localized to your language.

Embedded Macro Documentation

Embedded Macros can be scattered across all your forms and reports, and their controls, making it very difficult to find all the automation code in your application. Total Access Analyzer makes it easy to see and print all this in one place. The Embedded Macros folder consolidates this under Macros:

See All Your Microsoft Access Embedded Macros in One Place for the Entire Database

Expanding the folder displays all the forms and reports and their controls with embedded macro events:

Microsoft Access Embedded Macros by Object and Control Event

By selecting an item, the corresponding macro code is displayed.

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