Convince Your Boss and/or Client

Unable to convince your manager or purchasing department that Total Access Analyzer is a "must-have" purchase? We have made it easy for you by giving you a list of compelling reasons why Total Access Analyzer should be your development partner.

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You to Have Total Access Analyzer

  1. The Best Access Product Ever
    Winner of every Best Access Add-in award since 1994, Total Access Analyzer is simply the best and most popular Access product. Developed by the world's leading Microsoft Access development firm, FMS has built a great reputation creating and deploying innovative solutions for Access. Total Access Analyzer is our premier product. Discover why so many Access users of all levels rave about Total Access Analyzer. We guarantee youíll be satisfied with its results and wonder why you didnít get Total Access Analyzer earlier.
  2. Total Access Analyzer is designed for Access professionals
    Total Access Analyzer runs as an Access add-in and includes an easy to use Wizard interface. Designed by Access developers for Access users and developers, Total Access Analyzer behaves the way you expect. With a professionally printed user guide and context sensitive online help, you'll be analyzing your databases in minutes.
  3. Improve your development and deployment process
    Quality software development is part skill and part process. No matter how hard you work or how skilled you are, an inefficient process prevents you from maximizing your talents. Total Access Analyzer's static code and object analysis, gives you the extra eyes to make sure hidden mistakes and errors don't slip through your development process. It establishes a base level of compliance to Best Practices so you can focus on the more critical parts of your application. At FMS, we created Total Access Analyzer because it is fundamental to our ability to deliver quality solutions on time and on budget. Even our best developers can't avoid the issues Total Access Analyzer flags automatically. Leverage our experience in your efforts.
  4. Improve your reputation AND your userís satisfaction
    Thereís nothing worse to your reputation than deploying a buggy solution. By fixing the bugs and other issues Total Access Analyzer identifies, youíll minimize crashes and the resulting hassles and delays of fixing bugs, retesting, and redeployment. One of the differences between a mediocre and great developer is the ability to deliver solutions that work the first time. Discover why so many Access professionals insist on running Total Access Analyzer as part of the quality assurance step before deploying their Access databases. Fix the bugs, save your reputation, and increase the trust with your users, clients, and/or boss. How much is a happy boss or customer worth?
  5. Write better code and improve reliability
    Total Access Analyzer performs detailed VBA code analysis to flag errors and offer suggestions so you can write better code. Find procedures without error handling, references to missing objects, unused procedures and variables, variable name conflicts, unreferenced variables, scoping issues and much more. Not only will you write better code, youíll improve the reliability of your solutions.
  6. Improve performance
    Total Access Analyzer pinpoints specific issues and some simple steps to help you improve the performance of your Access applications.
  7. Take your skills to the next level
    When Total Access Analyzer pinpoints specific issues in your work, you naturally learn how to fix and avoid them in the future. Leverage the Best Practices FMS learned since Access was first launched, and apply them to your own work. Youíll quickly become a better Access user, developer, and guru. Enjoy the fruits of doing more in less time.
  8. Great for taking over an existing database
    Are you tasked with taking over the work of someone else? Total Access Analyzer gets you up to speed quickly by generating the detailed documentation to understand how the application works, how the objects relate to each other, and the issues that exist. Easily search all the objects, macros, and code for a particular string. Quickly take control of legacy databases with Total Access Analyzer and avoid mistakes because you simply "didn't know".
  9. Conduct your own Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)
    Need to document your database? Not sure if you or your developer is applying Best Practices? Total Access Analyzer can quickly examine and identify 300 specific issues in an Access database, and offers 390+ professional quality reports. Hiring a consultant or experienced Access developer to do this would be much more expensive, time consuming, and less comprehensive and accurate.
  10. Reduce costs
    Total Access Analyzer saves you time and money throughout the development process. Detailed documentation lets you understand how the database works. Suggestions for better object design and coding let you develop more efficiently. Improving quality means less post delivery costs. Take advantage of the investment you've made in Access to rapidly deliver the solutions you and your users demand.

Still Not Convinced?

If you are serious about Microsoft Access, Total Access is an indispensable tool for your design and development efforts. We are sure it will help you create better solutions. Still not convinced?

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