Total Access Analyzer User ManualTotal Access Analyzer User Manual for Microsoft Access

Discover why so many Microsoft Access users and developers rely on Total Access Analyzer to deliver great Access solutions. It examines all your database objects to provide extensive documentation, cross-reference, and application and flow diagrams, with over 390+ presentation-quality reports. It detects 300 types of errors, suggestions, and performance tips, so you can learn and apply Best Practices to improve and speed up your Microsoft Access applications.

At FMS, we believe documentation is critical to your ability to maximize the value of our software products. The user manual is 188 pages and fully indexed to make it easy to learn about Total Access Analyzer, how to prepare for documentation, using the documentation explorer and troubleshooting tips.

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For your convenience and review, a PDF copy of the latest user manual is available for you.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Product Highlights
  • Enhancements in This Version
  • Enhancements in Previous Versions
  • Visit Our Web Site

Chapter 2: Installation and Startup

  • System Requirements
  • Upgrading from Previous Versions
  • Installing Total Access Analyzer
  • Using the Update Wizard
  • Uninstalling Total Access Analyzer
  • Preparing for Documentation
  • Starting Total Access Analyzer
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS)
  • Startup Errors

Chapter 3: Documentation Basics

  • Why Document?
  • ACCDB/MDB vs. ADP Documentation
  • Documentation Process
  • Documentation Limitations
  • Documentation Limitations for ADPs

Chapter 4: Generating Full Documentation

  • Main Form
  • Documentation Wizard Quick Start
  • Page 1: Selecting Objects to Document
  • Page 2: Specifying General Options
  • Page 3: Output Database and Scheduling
  • Generating Documentation
  • Troubleshooting Documentation Failures

Chapter 5: Viewing Documentation

  • View or Print?
  • Quick Start
  • Using the Documentation Explorer
  • Using Property Filters
  • Errors, Suggestions, and Performance Tips
  • Documentation by Object Type
  • Database Item
  • General Folder
  • Tables Folder
  • Queries Folder
  • Relationships Folder
  • Forms Folder
  • Reports Folder
  • Macros Folder
  • Overview of Module Documentation
  • Modules Folder
  • Module Cross Reference
  • Command Bars Folder
  • Ribbons Folder
  • Diagrams Folder
  • Access Data Project (ADP) Object Types
  • Selecting Another Output Database to View

Chapter 6: Searching Results

  • Initiating the Search
  • Search Results

Chapter 7: Printing Documentation

  • Quick Start
  • Selecting Reports
  • Exporting Reports
  • Filtering Reports
  • Customizing Reports
  • Report Categories
  • Report Sets

Chapter 8: Quick Documentation

  • Introduction
  • Quick Doc Wizard

Chapter 9: Product Support

  • Support Resources
  • Web Site Support
  • Technical Support Options
  • Contacting Technical Support


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