Microsoft Access Temporary Variable (TempVars) Cross Reference

This report answers the critical question:

Where are my Microsoft Access TempVars created, assigned, and used?

Microsoft Access 2007 introduced TempVars which can be created in macros and modules. They can be referenced in all sorts of places such as queries, forms, and reports. That's convenient, but extremely challenging to manage.

Fortunately, that's not a problem for Total Access Analyzer. Total Access Analyzer examines all your objects to document every use of TempVars to show them in the TempVars category (under General):

Microsoft Access TempVars Defined and Used Across the Entire Database

The information is also shown in the TempVars List report where you can see for each temporary variable, where it's created, assigned a value, removed, etc.:

Microsoft Access Temporary Variable TempVar List

In the cross-reference report from the object perspective, you can see within each object, what TempVars they create, modify reference, and remove:

Microsoft Access Temporary Variable TempVar Cross-Reference Documentation Report

TempVars Analysis

In addition to documenting where TempVars are created, assigned, referenced, and removed, Total Access Analyzer also performs additional analysis to pinpoint potential issues:

  • Undefined TempVars: These are critical errors where an object may be referencing a TempVars value but it's never created. You'll need to determine where to assign the value or remove the reference.
  • Unused TempVars: These TempVars are created but never used. They won't cause a problem but it may indicate there was an intention to do something that did not occur. We suggest getting rid of these unnecessary assignments to clean up the application and make it easier to support over time.

See Finding and Deleting Unused Access Objects and Code for more details.

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