Technical Support FAQs for Older Versions of Total Access Analyzer

Total Access Analyzer 2000

Total Access Analyzer 97

Total Access Analyzer 2000

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. If you have had the Total Access Analyzer Trial version installed on your machine, use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the Trial (Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs).
  2. After uninstalling the Trial, uninstall the Full version of the product.
  3. After uninstalling both the Trial and the Full versions, browse to your installation directories, and delete the Trial and the Full versions' installation directories.
  4. Re-install Total Access Analyzer, and visit the Updates Page to download the latest update.
  5. Run Total Access Analyzer again.

If this does not resolve this issue, please contact us so that we can be of further assistance.

After closing your database, see if there's an Access lock file (*.LDB) on the database (for instance, if it's Northwind.mdb, the lock file would be Northwind.ldb). This would indicate another user has the database open. This could be caused by a few reasons:

  • Another user currently has the database opened

  • You have another instance of Access opened on that database

  • A non-Access program (maybe a VB6 or .NET program) has the database open

Once you get the other user(s) out of your database, Total Access Analyzer will be able to document it. If you cannot get exclusive rights to the database, make a copy of the database and document that.

If you want to monitor and see who's currently in your database at any time, get our Total Access Admin program.

If this does not resolve this issue, please contact us so that we can be of further assistance.

Total Access Analyzer 97

There is a known issue in Access 97 that can cause out of memory errors, even when you have plenty of memory available. Check out our out of memory FAQ for details on causes and solutions for this problem.

The error that you are receiving may be caused by one of the following issues:

Issue 1

Code in a module or a macro is pointing to a report that is not there. This implies that there is a broken VBA reference in code somewhere in your database. To resolve this problem, follow the steps to decompile and recompile your database, and run Total Access Analyzer again.

Issue 2

There is a space in the Hyperlink property of the properties of a control. To resolve this problem:

  1. Open the form or report with the name of the one in the Error log.
  2. Go to each control (most likely a Label control) to determine the properties of them and find one with a space (" ") in the Hyperlink or Hyperlink SubAddress property.
  3. Remove the space in that field.
  4. Compile and save all modules, and run Total Access Analyzer again.

Issue 3

This may be due to a bug in MS Access regarding checking attributes of a Crosstab query. When checking the attributes of a field in a Crosstab query, MS Access tries to actually run code that the data source uses to get its data when the data source is another query! Unfortunately, this is a bug in MS Access 97 and 2000.

This is a Microsoft bug that has been reported to Microsoft. In the meantime, the only available workaround is to not analyze the Crosstab queries that have relations to any query that uses the query "SelectQuery1". We highly recommend that you inform Microsoft of this issue as well, so that they are aware of the number of customers affected by this bug.

The resolution to this is to locate the form that this error occurs on, and move the controls away from the top left edges of the form or section. This is rare, but it can be that the Microsoft Access code that is storing the information of where the controls are located is storing a negative number for the location of a control.

The resolution to this error is fairly easy to implement:

  1. Locate the form that this error is occurring on in your database. The form will either have one control that spans the length of the form or several controls that are at the top most, and possibly the left most area of a specific section on the form.
  2. Move all the controls 1/8th of an inch (approximate is fine) to the right and down.
  3. Compile and save all modules and re-run Total Access Analyzer.

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