FMS Ships Total Access Analyzer 2000

MS Office and VB for Applications Developer

FMS, Inc. shipped Total Access Analyzer 2000, the next generation of its database analysis and documentation tool for Microsoft Access, which analyzes users' databases, giving them the information they need to manage, fix and enhance them.

Total Access Analyzer 2000 uncovers such information as broken or missing references to objects, unused objects (tables, queries, procedures, variables, etc.), and inconsistent field types among identically named fields. Total Access Analyzer 2000 includes over 250 presentation-quality reports with options to filter the data and customize the headers so users can make a permanent record of their databases on paper. A wide range of reports is available, including different sort options to reveal different relationships. Other reports include the bracketed module printout, object cross-reference reports, module listings for procedures and variables, application flow diagrams, and detailed "dictionary" reports for each object and its properties.

New features of Total Access Analyzer 2000 include: full documentation for the new Data Access Page (DAP) object; support for the new VBA 6.0 syntax and new language elements; new reports for new VBA features; detection procedures and properties that aren't explicitly scoped to Public, Private, or Friend; and detection of module declarations section, variables, constants, user-defined types, and enums that are not explicitly scoped to Public or Private.

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