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Why Statistics?

"Total Access Statistics performs a wide range of data analysis right inside Access. The product includes a Statistics Wizard to perform parametric, group, non-parametric, record analysis and more. The results are placed in Access tables that you can integrate into your forms and reports."

Alison Balter, Author

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Perform statistical analysis on Microsoft Access dataPerform statistical analysis on Microsoft Access dataNumerical Analysis for Microsoft Access data Numerical Analysis for Microsoft Access: Download the Trial Version of Total Access Statistics

Total Access Statistics Trial Download

Thank you for your interest in Total Access Statistics! We hope that you will take this opportunity to evaluate the product and discover how it can help analyze your data in Microsoft Access better than ever.

Introducing Total Access Statistics

Total Access Statistics is the most powerful data analysis program for Microsoft Access. Total Access Statistics runs as an Access add-in and offers a wide range of statistical functions to analyze your data with results in tables. It even includes a royalty-free runtime license, so you can amaze your users with complex statistical functions built right into your applications.

About the Trial Version

This trial is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the power of Total Access Statistics. It has the following limitations:

  1. This trial can only statistically analyze tables with 100 records or fewer. The full version of Total Access Statistics has no limit.
  2. This trial only allows analysis of tables. The full version also allows analysis of queries.
  3. The programmatic interface is not available through the trial. The full version allows you to add statistical analysis in your code.
  4. The trial expires after 15 days.
  5. No manual is provided with the trial, but the help file is included.

Downloading and Installing the Trial

To install the Trial version of Total Access Statistics, follow these steps.

  1. Download the setup file for your version of Microsoft Access:
  2. Run the setup program from your local computer.
  3. Be sure to read the contents of the README.TXT file installed by the setup program for important Trial information.

Learning About the Product

While we have designed Total Access Statistics to be as easy to use as possible, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the basics before using it. To do this, use the Online Help and the sample database that come with the program. You can find the help file and the sample database by going to your Windows Start Menu and selecting Programs, FMS, Total Access Statistics.

Once you are familiar, you can open Total Access Statistics on your own database to see how it analyzes your numbers. Alternatively, you can analyze it from the sample database by importing your table into it or linking to it.

Your Trial Version Analysis Specifications are Preserved

The trial version lets you create scenarios where you specify the data source, field names, analysis to perform, and output table names. Total Access Statistics saves these settings (not the statistical data), so you can run your analysis again when your data changes.

These settings are preserved so that when you purchase the full version, you can use the scenarios you designed with the trial version.

System Requirements

Total Access Statistics has the following system requirements:

  • A copy of the Microsoft Access version corresponding to the version of Total Access Statistics
  • 10 MB of free disk space, plus space for your data and results

Contact Us

We are very interested in receiving feedback about Total Access Statistics. Please submit any questions or comments to our Support Team.