Updates for Total Access Statistics 2000, Version 9.5

This is no longer the latest version of Total Access Statistics 2000.
Existing 9.X customers can upgrade to the latest version for a nominal fee.
For more information on the new features, visit Total Access Statistics 2000, Version 9.8.

The latest update for Total Access Statistics 2000, version 9.5 is:

9.50.0016 (released January 4, 2007)

This update is available free of charge to registered owners of Total Access Statistics 2000, version 9.5. The existing version must already be installed.

Notification and download instructions for receiving the patch were emailed to registered owners. If you did not receive instructions, please contact us so we can update your information.

Note that this update can only be installed by users with Total Access Statistics version 9.5. If you are using Total Access Statistics version 9.0, click here.

Update History

This update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

Calculation Enhancements

  • In Describe scenarios, AdjSumSquared is properly calculated as the SumSquared divided by the count.
  • In Describe scenarios, Percentiles are now shown when there's only one record.

General Enhancements

  • The Created By field now displays up to 50 characters to display longer user names.

All Fixes and Enhancements from Prior Update Patches

  • This update also includes all issue fixes and enhancements included in prior updates.

This update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Describe and Percentile scenarios include a new option to calculate every .5 percentile.
  • When running scenarios programmatically, new optional parameters allow you to overwrite the scenario's data source and output tables.
  • When running scenarios programmatically, a new function is available to return the version of the runtime (TAS_RuntimeVersion).
  • In Regression scenarios, the standard error constraint for rounding has been relaxed, to provide more accurate results for small data sets.
  • Date fields may be treated as numbers in calculations.
  • Describe scenarios calculate frequency when Count is selected without having Percent also selected.The Main Menu form can be resized to show a larger display of the scenarios.

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