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Microsoft MVP AwardWhile touring Iceland, I was notified that my Microsoft MVP status was renewed. Here I am enjoying a hike on the beautiful Sólheimajökull Glacier with my Microsoft MVP jacket and Microsoft water bottle filled with glacial melt. What a great experience and beautiful country! If you like the outdoors and amazing geology, I highly recommend a visit.

We are delighted to announce the availability of Total Access Analyzer for Microsoft Access 2013. Total Access Analyzer is the most popular Microsoft Access add-in of all time. The Access 2013 version is our tenth major release since it's original debut in 1993 as our first Microsoft Access product. We've added many new features to make it more useful than ever.

We've also released an update of Total Access Admin. In conjunction with the 2013 release, we've updated the 2003 version. The 2003 version lets you monitor the user activity for your Access MDB databases without requiring the installation of Access 2007 or later to support ACCDB database formats. The new version includes the ability to maintain a list of computer names to more friendly user names.

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Luke Chung


Free Trial Download for Total Visual SourceBookMicrosoft Access Database Documentation and Analysis: Total Access AnalyzerMicrosoft Access Design AnalysisMicrosoft Access documenter

Total Access Analyzer Ships for Microsoft Access 2013

Total Access Analyzer is the most popular Microsoft Access add-in of all time! It examines every object in your database to document what's there, how it relates to other objects, and analyze how your entire database works. With detailed object, macro and VBA code analysis, Total Access Analyzer finds over 300 types of issues to help you avoid errors, identify unused objects and code, suggest design enhancements, improve performance, and recommend best practices. Almost 400 presentation quality, customizable reports are also available.

We are delighted to announce the release of Total Access Analyzer for Microsoft Access 2013 with many new features:

Code Browser for Total Visual SourceBook

New Features

  • Supports Microsoft Access 2013: 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • New documentation of Conditional Formatting
  • Documentation of Navigation Control and Buttons
  • Documentation of Web Controls
  • New Control Type Reports
  • Supports Procedure Calls to Libraries
  • Three New Module VBA Coding Suggestions including unused Declare statements and parameter name conflicts
  • Enhanced VBA Module Parser for Compiler Conditionals
  • New Search Bar for Selecting Objects
  • Improved Open Documentation Form to Jump to the Current Module
  • Report Filter Shows Count of Issues
  • New Treeview with 64-bit support
  • and many other features

For a complete list of enhancements, visit our New Features page.

Total Access Analyzer Brochure (2 pages)Additional Resources

Microsoft MVPMicrosoft Access MVP Dale Fye recently provided a testimonial for Total Access Analyzer:

"This tool is unique in its ability to document every aspect of my applications; my favorite feature is the ability to identify unused objects within the database. This feature allows me to identify and remove remnants from previous iterations of each application and reduce application size and complexity."

Thanks Dale! Here are more Total Access Analyzer Awards and Reviews!

Monitor Your Microsoft Access Databases: Download the Trial Version of Total Access AdminMonitor Users in your Microsoft Access Databases in real timeMonitor Users in your Microsoft Access Databases in real timeMonitor Users in your Microsoft Access Databases in real time

Total Access Admin 2003, Version 11.6 Ships

Total Access Admin lets you monitor users going in and out of your databases in real-time. See who's currently in your database and who recently exited, create a log of connections and disconnects, compact the database after everyone exits, etc. Monitor all the databases across your network from one installation of Total Access Admin.

With the release of Total Access Admin 2013, we've also updated Total Access Admin 2003 to includes the new features. Total Access Admin 2003 supports the MDB database formats but not the ACCDB format, which allows it to be installed in environments where Access 2007 or later is not installed. Read our New Features page for details.

Monitor Microsoft Access Database Users in Real Time

Download the fully-functional Free Trial of the 2003 or 2013 versions to see how helpful Total Access Admin can be for you.

Microsoft Access Data Analysis ProgramTotal Access Statistics FAQ for Bad Data

Total Access Statistics is our data analysis product for Microsoft Access that extends the power of Access queries. It performs advanced numerical analysis on your tables to generate statistical values such as correlations, percentiles, t-Tests, regressions, ANOVA, crosstabs, Chi-Square, cash flow analysis, moving average, rankings, data transpose, and much more.

From time to time, we receive reports from customers who encounter this error:

3219: Invalid operation when attempting to run a scenario

This is caused by invalid or corrupt data in your table -- data that is beyond the normal bounds of what Access should allow in the field type. It is often related to data from a linked data source (non-Access) or data imported from another source. Regardless, Access does not consider it an error until Total Access Statistics tries to read the data. It's easily addressed once you know which record and field is causing the problem.

We've updated our FAQ to provide some VBA module code to diagnose your data and a more detailed explanation: Total Access Statistics FAQ.

Microsoft Access SchedulerTotal Visual Agent Workgroup Error with Microsoft Access 2013 Installed from Office 365

Total Visual Agent is a system administrator program that lets you schedule Microsoft Access chores such as database compacts, backups, data extracts, running macros, collecting database statistics, and much more. Manage databases across your network and schedule events to occur every few minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or just one time.

To support ACCDB databases, Total Visual Agent 2013 requires a copy of Microsoft Access 2007 or later to be installed on the PC (even the free Access runtime is sufficient). We have recently discovered instances where this is a problem even if MS Access 2013 is installed. When launching the Total Visual Agent Manager, this error appears:

Could not open system workgroup C:\ProgramData\FMS\Total Visual Agent\15.0\TVAGSYS.MDW

It turns out that the problem occurs if Access 2013 was installed directly from Office365 rather than from a disk or MSDN download. Fortunately, there's a simple and free download from Microsoft that fixes this issue. Read our updated Total Visual Agent FAQ for more details on resolving this issue.

Microsoft Access VersionsMicrosoft Access Version Releases, Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Updates History

We've updated our Microsoft Access version history page with some recent updates including May, June and July updates for MS Access 2013. They aren't as significant as service pack releases, but address some issues that could affect you.

Read the page for more information and links for the free updates: Microsoft Access Version Releases, Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Updates History

Let us know if there's more information you'd like us to add.

Smart Access JournalsSmart Access Articles Available Online for Free

FMS friend, Garry Robinson from Australia, has acquired the Microsoft Access collection of Smart Access articles. Smart Access was a technical journal for Microsoft Access developers from 1996-2006.

Hundreds of the articles are available for FREE on a website he created on Microsoft Azure. Improve your knowledge and Microsoft Access skills with this collection of resources written by some of the world's leading Access experts including several from FMS developers. Thanks Garry!

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