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August 2018

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Luke Chung in front of the Captial BuildingThis summer has flown by! At least I enjoyed playing tourist in Washington, D.C. and walking by the US Capitol with my Microsoft Access hat.

Meanwhile, our team released a free update for our popular Total Access Emailer product for Microsoft Access 2016. We've also created new support pages for using Total Access Startup in Remote Desktop/RemoteApp environments, and the Digital Signatures for our FMS Products.

We also updated our Microsoft SQL Server pages to include the new SQL Express and ODBC Driver for SQL Server 2017! Our SQL Server Express page shows the major differences and free download links.

We've only included a subset of recent news here. For additional information, visit our News Announcements page and receive our latest notifications from our Like Us on Facebook Facebook page, FMS BlogBlog, and FMS TwitterTweets.

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Total Access EmailerTotal Access Emailer Update for Microsoft Access 2016

We've released another update of Total Access Emailer for Microsoft Access 2016. Total Access Emailer is the world's most popular Microsoft Access email add-in product and VBA code library. Simplify the way you communicate with your contacts, and easily share the data and reports from your Microsoft Access databases with personalized emails for each recipient.


  • Partially Restored Original SMTP Validation Technique
  • Validation of FROM Address during Email Blasts
  • Adjusted the saving of datasheet column settings on databases before Access 2007
  • Improved Offline activation and uninstall
  • Cosmetic changes to the program and sample databases

For more information, visit:

Existing Total Access Emailer owners were notified to download the free update.

Visit our Total Access Emailer Updates

Total Access StartupNew Total Access Startup Support Page

More and more people are using Terminal Server (Remote Desktop and Remote App) to host Access applications for users so they don't need to install anything on their PC or Mac.

There is a new support page on how to configure Total Access Startup to work in such environments by using the %PROFILE% option.

Total Access Startup is a program that guarantees your users always launch the right version of Microsoft Access with the latest version of your Access database. Our program also allows the developer to update the application and deploy it without having to update the data.

For details, visit our Total Access Startup Support Page.

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access Version Releases, Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Updates History

We updated our page to show the latest updates that were released for Microsoft Access 2013 and 2016.

This page offers a list of what and when it was released, some feature differences between versions, and additional details for the more recent updates.

Visit Version Releases, Services Packs and Hotfixes to find out more.

FMS, IncDigital Signatures on FMS Products

FMS products comply with Windows and Office security protocol and provides professional installation programs that are digitally signed.

We've created a support page that offers a list of all our products that are digitally signed with information on their digital signatures.

Visit Digital Signatures for FMS products to find out more.

SQL Server Express 2017Microsoft SQL Server Express: Version Comparison Matrix and Free Downloads

Microsoft released a new version of SQL Server Express that allows local PC, small databases and less critical situations to download, distribute and use for free! We've updated our SQL Server Express page to show information on each version, when they were released, download links and what operating systems they support.

Visit our SQL Server Express page to read more.

Microsoft SQL AzureDeploying the SQL Server ODBC Driver

We've added a download link to install the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server 2017, which allows users without SQL Server installed on their machines to deploy Microsoft Access Databases linked to a SQL Azure Database.

Visit our SQL Server ODBC Driver page for the download link and installation instructions.

Upcoming Microsoft Access Conferences in 2019

Access DevCon in Vienna, AustriaMicrosoft Access DevCon 2019 in Vienna Austria

April 27 - 28, 2019

Fellow Microsoft Access MVP Karl Donaubauer is hosting the Access DevCon in Vienna, Austria in 2019.

More information at the Access DevCon web site.

Microsoft Access Conference near Portland, OregonMicrosoft Access 2019 Conference near Portland, Oregon

September 28 - 30, 2019, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

The Portland Access User Group will hold their annual event at the conference center in the beautiful Silver Falls State Park a couple hours south of Portland, Oregon.

More information at the PAUG conference web site.

Visit our Upcoming Events page for other activities.

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