Professional About Boxes to Microsoft Access with System Info

Give your application a professional look by using the standard Windows About Box. The About Box control lets you easily display your text, graphic, and user information. You can optionally supply a help file and launch the Windows System Information program, just by setting some properties:

Add a professional About Box to your Microsoft Access database applications

Customizing the About Box

The About Box has several properties for displaying your text:

  • Title
  • Application name
  • Copyright text
  • Licensee information such as user name, organization, serial number
  • License text

You can also set:

  • The font for the text
  • A graphic picture in bitmap, JPEG, or icon format
  • Help file and context ID, if any

System Information Button

When you enable the System Information button, the user can see their hardware and software environment. This can help you diagnose issues with their machine and configuration.

System Information option for an About Box in your Microsoft Access database solution

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