Add Tabs at the Bottom, Left, and Right Sides of Your Microsoft Access Forms

Microsoft Access has a tab control but it only shows tabs on the top.

The Tab control in Total Access Components lets you position tabs at the top, bottom, left, and right sides. These enhanced tabs make it easy to place tabs where it's most intuitive and useful for your MS Access form. If the tabs are placed on the sides, the text is automatically rotated.

Tabs Along the Bottom

Easily add tabs below your tab pages.

Microsoft Access tabs on the bottom

Tabs Along the Left Side

Vertical orientation displays rotated text in each tab:

Example of using vertical tabs on the left side

Tabs Along the Right Side

Use tabs like separators in a physical binder:

Example of using vertical tabs on the right side

Use the Tab Control with the Built-in Access Tab

For simplicity, you can use the Total Access Components Tab Control with the built-in tab control in Access. If you already have your tab pages designed but want to have the tabs not on the top, simply set your Access tab's Style property to None. This removes the tabs from your tab control, but the pages remain.

Insert the Total Access Components Tab Control on your form and set its orientation to what you want (bottom, right, or left). Then size and position it next to your existing tab, and set the tab captions and values to your original tab.

When the user clicks on the Total Access Components tab, the OnChange event fires and you can add a line of code to assign the Access tab to the same value to display the corresponding page.

Alternatively, you may want to use a single subform and assign a different source object for each tab page.

Using the Tab Control

These options are available for customizing the tab control:

  • Location (top, left, right, or bottom)
  • Tab Style
  • Caption for each tab page
  • Font

Programmatic Features

The Tab has an OnChange event that fires when the user clicks on a new tab. Write the code you need to handle the selection.

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