Add Pop-up Sticky Notes to Your Access Forms

The Notes control is a data bound control for adding popup "sticky" notes to your Microsoft Access forms.

This control displays as an icon on your form. Double clicking on the control opens a window that allows viewing and editing of the note text.

This can be a fun and useful way for users to work with memo fields. The popup window is resizable so users can edit the text in a screen that may be much larger than what you can put on your form.

Add pop-up sticky notes to your Microsoft Access forms

Using the Notes Control

Using this control is as simple as placing it on your form and binding it to a field. You can then customize its:

  • Font
  • Color for the note's text and background
  • Title of popup window
  • Location of the graphic vs. text in the non-popup display
    • Left, Top, Right, or Bottom

Programmatic Options

No programming is required for using this control. However, with VBA you can set the properties, determine whether the popup window is open, and invoke the popup window.

When the text in the popup window changes, the OnChange event fires to let add code to review and validate the user's input.

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