Add Clocks and Alarms to Your Microsoft Access Forms

The Clock control provides analog and digital clocks for your Microsoft Access forms with the option to set an alarm:

Example of an analog clock on a Microsoft Access form
Analog Clock

Example of a digital clock on a Microsoft Access form
Digital Clock

Using the Clock Control

Just place the clock control on your form and adjust its size. You can then specify:

  • Clock Style (digital or analog)
  • Background image (bitmap, GIF, icon, or JPG formats)
  • Background color
  • Another time to support multiple time zones

Analog Clock Options

For analog clocks, you can specify:

  • Hand style (modern, line, arrow, or filled arrow)
  • Include a second hand
  • Effect style (normal, raised, or sunken)
  • Show hour ticks
  • Show minute ticks
  • Clip the background image to just the clock area

Digital Clock Options

For digital clocks, you can specify:

  • Whether to display date and/or time with or without seconds
  • Display date in long or short format
  • 12 or 24 hour clock
  • Text font, style and size
  • Text style (normal, 3-D, or shadow)
  • Background and foreground color

Additionally, you can specify an alarm time. When this time is reached, an event is triggered, allowing you to hook events to specific -times.

Creating an Alarm Clock

To use the Alarm feature, set the AlarmTime property. When the time is reached, an OnAlarm event is triggered. Write the code in this Event Procedure to perform the desired action.

Programmatic Options

Other than the alarm event, no programming is required to use and run the Clock control. All the clock properties can be set via VBA, and there are events with mouse clicks and key presses.

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