Digital Displays Replicate Electronic Devices for Microsoft Access

Show numeric and text data in a digital display on your Microsoft Access forms and reports. This format is similar to displays on calculators and other electronic devices:

Digital display like a calculator
Digital display with letters

The Digital Display control can also be data bound to a field on your form or report's recordsource. Give a new appearance to your data!

Using the Digital Display Control

Simply place the control on your form and size it. You can then set a variety of options:

  • Alignment: left or right
  • Value or the field to bind it to
  • Back color
  • Fore color

Displaying Alphabetic Characters

Each digit in the Digital Display control is made up of eight segments. These segments are enabled or disabled to display the numbers. You may also use alphabetic (a-z) characters in the Value property of this control.

Since all letters cannot be represented with eight segments, some letters may not appear correctly. The following letters are properly displayed:


Displaying Other Characters

The Digital Display control also displays some other useful characters. The following other characters are accurately displayed: + - . ,

Programmatic Options

No programming is required to use this control; however, all properties can be set via VBA, and there are events for mouse clicks and key presses.

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