Play AVI Videos in a Microsoft Access Form

The AVI control lets you play Windows digitized video *.AVI files. You can play, pause, stop, rewind, and navigate in these video files, and set repeat play.

AVI File Player in Microsoft Access

Note: Your PC must have the correct hardware and drivers installed to play the video.

Using the AVI Control

Place the Total Access Components AVI control on your form and size it. Then set the name of the file to play (this can also be set via VBA at runtime). These method are available:

  • Open and Close the file
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Rewind
  • Stop

Additional AVI File Properties

  • Length in milliseconds
  • Current position
  • Repeat if you want it to restart
  • Repeat Count
  • Stretch to expand to the control size

AVI Events

In addition to the standard mouse and keypress events, two events are available:

  • OnNewPosition when a new position in the movie is reached
  • OnReplay when it restarts

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