Use Gauges to Show Relative Values in Microsoft Access

The Gauge control displays quantitative information in a graphical, circular format that is easy to understand. Select between two different styles (half circle and full circle) and a variety of formatting options.

Sample Gauges with Background Images

By using background pictures, you can create interesting gauges on your MS Access forms:

Add gauges to your Microsoft Access forms
Full Circle Gauge

Half gauge for MS Access
Half Circle Gauge

Using the Gauge Control

Simply place the Gauge control on your Microsoft Access form, size it, and set its properties:

Gauge Style

Two types of styles are available:

Add a full circle gauge to your Microsoft Access forms
Full Circle Gauge

Add a half circle gauge to your Microsoft Access forms
Half Circle Gauge


  • Effect Style: normal, sunken, raised
  • Needle Style: line, arrow, filled arrow, triangle, modern
  • Needle Line Width
  • Display Tick
  • Tick Frequency
  • Graphic image behind the gauge (bitmap, GIF, icon, or JPG)
  • Enable Windows Themes
  • Colors if themes is not enabled


  • Current value
  • Minimum and Maximum values
  • Starting location of the pointer for the minimum value
    • Left, top, right, or bottom

To change the position of the needle, set the Value property.

Programmatic Options

No programming is required to use this control; however, all properties can be set via VBA, and there are events for mouse clicks and key presses.

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