Listen to CDs and Control the CD Player from Microsoft Access

The CD Player control allows you to play audio compact disks. Properties and methods are available to control playing and getting information from your CD and CD drive.

The CD Player control doesn't have a visible user interface. It's designed to hide the complexity of dealing with the CD Player so you can create your own user interface and invoke the CD Player features as needed.

Sample CD Player

Here's an example of a CD Player created in an Access form that's part of the Demo database. The CD Player control makes it easy to support the buttons (play, pause, skip, stop, eject etc.), and update information on the tracks and time.

CD player in a Microsoft Access form

Using the CD Control

Place the CD Control on your form and invoke its methods to:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Skip tracks forwards or backwards
  • Fast forward
  • Rewind
  • Repeat
  • Eject

You can also work with the CD contents using properties such as:

  • Number of Tracks
  • Current Track
  • Time for the Current Track: total, elapsed, remaining

Responding to Events

The CD Player control supports two events. The OnNewTrack event fires when the CD player reaches a new track. Use this event to update a display showing the current track number.

The OnNewPosition event fires every second when the CD is playing. This lets you update displays showing the CD's playing time.

NOTE: Your computer must have the correct hardware devices and software drivers for this control to work.

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