Microsoft Access Form Resizer with Font Adjustment

Maximize Your User's Workspace

Creating forms that support each user's screen is challenging in Microsoft Access. Developers commonly create forms for the smallest resolution and size, which makes it inefficient for users with larger screens and higher resolutions. Users want to maximize their forms or manually resize them and see more data. MS Access forms have a Resize event, but it's difficult to write the VBA code to resize each control and update the code when controls are added or deleted.

Automatically Resize All the Controls of Your Form

The Resize control in Total Access Components eliminates this complexity and offers features beyond simple resizing. It automatically knows all the controls on your form when it's initialized and adjusts them accordingly.

Microsoft Access form resizer

Resize Fonts

You can even adjust font size. This is particularly valuable if the form shrinks and you still want to show the same text in the smaller box.

Using the Form Resize Control

After placing the Resize control on your form, enabling form resizing only requires two lines of VBA code:

  • On the form's Load event, initialize the control.
  • On the form's Resize event, call the control's Resize method. This automatically resizes the controls when the user adjusts the form size.

Specify Limits

You can optionally set the maximum and minimum height and width to constrain the limits of the resizing.

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