Add Slider Bars to Visualize and Input Values to Microsoft Access

Like Progress Meters, Slider Bars let you visualize the relative size of a value within a range. Slider Bars have the additional feature of letting you adjust the value graphically. By dragging the slider, the underlying value changes.

Slider Bars display and simplify data entry on Microsoft Access forms

Slider bars can be vertical or horizontal with tick marks on none, one or both sides

By using the Slider control in your Microsoft Access forms, you can give your users a whole new way to view and enter data. The control can be used to modify another field or control.

Add professional looking sliders to your Microsoft Access forms and reports

Slider Bars can also be added to reports to display data.

Using the Slider Control

Adding a Slider to your form or report is very simple. Place the control on your MS Access form or report and adjust its size. Then set its properties.


  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Direction which the slider increases
  • Tick Style (none, one side, both sides)
  • Tick Frequency
  • Background color

Data Values

  • Minimum and Maximum values
  • Small and Large Change sizes
  • Starting value
  • Control Source for data binding (optional)

Programmatic Features

The Slider Bar's OnChange event occurs when the user moves the slider so you can update other controls when the user makes updates. Simply reference the Value property of the slider.

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