Enhanced Buttons and Toggle Buttons for Microsoft Access Forms

Unlike the standard Microsoft Access command button (prior to Access 2007), the Enhanced Button lets you combine both a picture and caption.

With the Enhanced Button control, you can offer this feature to users across all versions of Access. Additionally, this button support toggle states with multiple graphics and captions. It can also be data bound to a field from your form's recordsource.

Enhanced command buttons with pictures and captions on Microsoft Access forms
Enhanced command buttons and toggle buttons on Microsoft Access forms

Using the Enhanced Button Control

Simply place the control on your form and size it. Then set its properties:

  • Picture: bitmap, GIF, icon, or JPG formats
  • Caption
  • Caption location: left, right, top, or bottom
  • Font, style, and size
  • Text color
  • Button back color
  • Text style: normal, 3-D, shadow
  • Option to set the cursor to hyperlink hand when it is over the button

Toggle Style Buttons

If the Toggle style is selected, the button retains settings to indicate True or False.

Add toggle buttons to Microsoft Access formsYou can specify different values for the up or down state, including:

  • Different pictures
  • Different caption text

A toggle style button can be bound to a Yes/No field.

Programmatic Features

Similar to the standard Access command button, the Enhanced Button offers and OnClick event. Just write the code you'd normally write for a button click.

Programmatically for Toggle buttons, you can check the Value property to see if it's True (the button is pressed) or False (the button is out).

All the properties including the graphics can be set programmatically. There are also events for mouse clicks and key presses.

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