Browse for Folder, File, or Printer using the Windows Dialog in Microsoft Access

The Browse control lets you invoke the Windows dialog to select a folder, file, or printer on your computer or network. The dialog supports the user's operating system so it appears the way they expect, just like their other Windows applications.

Easily give your Microsoft Access database solutions the same look and feel as the rest of the user's machine whether it's Windows XP, Vista, or earlier.

Customizing the Browse Dialog

By setting a few properties, your dialog prompts the user for what you want them to select.

Browse for Folder or File

You can set whether you want users to be able to select individual files or just folder names. You can also optionally include network computers.

Windows Common Dialog for Browse for Folder

Browse for Printer

Easily let users select an installed printer, or add one:

Windows Common Dialog for Browse for Printer

Using the Browse Control

Simply add the Browse control to your form and set its properties. When you want to prompt the user, simply use the Show method to display the dialog. The control's Value property holds the user's selection.

Complete Programmatic Control

Use VBA to set any property of the browse dialog including the title, caption, and selection options.

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