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Compare Microsoft Access databases and objects for differencesTotal Visual SourceBook 2007 Ships for Microsoft Access/Office 2007

Total Visual SourceBook is the most extensive professional source code library for Microsoft Access, Office, and Visual Basic 6.0. The latest version includes full support for Access/Office 2007 including the new Access 2007 ACCDB database, Outlook 2007, and many new features to expand the considerable source code library. There are now 194 classes/modules, 100,000+ lines of code, and almost 20,000 lines of example code.

As before, you have full control: use our code, learn from it, and enhance it. Best of all, the code is provided royalty free so you can use it in your projects immediately! Written by our staff of Microsoft MVP's, much of this code can't be found anywhere else!

AustraliaLuke Chung Speaking at Office DevCon 2009

October 31 - November 1, 2009
Brisbane, Australia

FMS President Luke Chung will be giving several presentations on Microsoft Access application development and our products at this conference. Hosted at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia campus, we hope you see him down under!

Two More FMS Articles are published on MSDN (October 2009)

MSDNFMS is honored that Microsoft published two more of our popular articles on their MSDN global site:

We recently enhanced the query paper to include additional information on the Update Query syntax.

New Look and Feel for Our Web Site (September 2009)

Our web site is undergoing major renovations and sports a new look and feel. While portions are still undergoing changes, much of the work is completed and published. We hope you like the enhancements with more improvements to come!

Compare Microsoft Access databases and objects for differencesTotal Access Detective Versions X.7 Ship for Microsoft Access 2003, 2002, and 2000 (August 2009)

Total Access Detective makes it easy to find differences between any two Microsoft Access databases or objects.

With the recently release of the Access 2007 version, we're pleased to provide new versions for Microsoft Access 2003, 2002, and 2000 (versions 11.7, 10.7 and 9.7 respectively). Version X.7 adds many new features including data comparison between two queries, enhanced data comparison options such are comparing two tables when field names are not identical (compare only identical field names or on field order), using the first field as the key field if no key field exists, skipping small numerical data differences, ignoring case differences between modules, improved support for ADP comparisons, etc. Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.

Existing Total Access Detective customers under annual support contracts receive the upgrade for free.

FMS Article on Error Handling in VBA/VB6 is published on MSDN (August 2009)

MSDNFMS is honored that Microsoft has published one of our popular articles on their MSDN global site. Originally published as one of our technical papers on our web site (Error Handling and Debugging Tips and Techniques for Microsoft Access, VBA, and Visual Basic 6 (VB6), Microsoft has now added our paper to their MSDN site. Check it out here.

Free Update for Total Access Statistics 2007 and Total Access Admin 2007 (August 2009)

As part of our commitment to quality software, FMS periodically releases updates patches to add new enhancements and resolve known issues. We've released updates for these products:

Total Access StatisticsTotal Access Statistics is the most powerful data analysis program for Microsoft Access. Extend the power of Access queries with advanced analysis such as percentiles, frequency distributions, moving averages, t-Tests, confidence intervals, ANOVA, data normalization, and much more. Version 12.00.0009 is now available for Access 2007 and includes improved support for ADPs and certain calculations.

Total Access AdmingTotal Access Admin 2007 lets you monitor multi-user entries and exits to your Access databases in real-time. Watch and log the activity and catch suspect connections or drops that can cause database corruption. It can even compact your database after everyone has exited. This patch addresses some of the issues associated with supporting password protected databases and databases under workgroup security. (Version 12.00.0140)

These updates are available free of charge to registered owners of Total Access Statistics 2007, version 12.0 and Total Access Admin 2007. Notification and download instructions for receiving the patch were emailed to registered owners. If you did not receive instructions, please contact us so we can update your information.

Compare Microsoft Access databases and objects for differencesTotal Access Detective Ships for Microsoft Access 2007 (July 2009)

Total Access Detective makes it easy to find differences between any two Microsoft Access databases or objects. Know exactly what changed with your properties, fields, indexes, controls, sections, macro lines, VBA module code, and data! List objects in one database and not the other. Find new, deleted, and modified records. Combine records from two tables into a new one. New features include support for Access 2007 and the new ACCDB database format including multi-value fields, enhanced data comparison options, improved support for ADP comparisons, and much more!

Total Visual Agent Ships with Full Support for Access 2007 (July 2009)

Schedule Microsoft Access Database Compact, Repair, Backups, Macros, etc.Microsoft Access databases need to be periodically compacted for optimal performance. You should also perform regular backups. Total Visual Agent performs these system administrative chores, and automates a wide range of Access tasks such as running macros on a schedule. Everything is audited with email notification of problems. Now with full support for Access 2007 and the new ACCDB database format.

Microsoft SQL Server Development Services

Microsoft SQL Server consulting servicesWhen we develop custom database applications on the desktop or web, we often store the data in Microsoft SQL Server. Contact our Professional Solutions Group for help with your database development efforts. Whether it's migrating an Access database from Jet to SQL Server or creating a highly scalable web solution using ASP.NET, our team of database experts are here to help. Learn more about our Microsoft SQL Server consulting services.

Total Access AdmingUpdate of Total Access Admin 2007 (June 26, 2009)

Total Access Admin offers a real-time monitoring of users entering and exiting any Microsoft Access database across your network. An update of Total Access Admin 2007 was just released. All customers were notified of the update via email with download instructions.

Microsoft ASP.NET Website Development Services

Microsoft ASP.NET consulting services FMS is well known for our world class Microsoft Access and desktop development skills. Did you also know our Professional Solutions Group is very experienced creating database driven web solutions using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server? We recently updated our information on our Microsoft ASP.NET website development services.

Luke Chung Speaking at the Washington DC Access User Group

FMS President Luke Chung is the guest speaker at the June 17th meeting from 7 to 9 PM. Luke will be speaking on "Cool Features in Access 2007" and any other topics the audience raises. The event is free and located at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington DC. For more information, visit the Washington DC Access SIG web site

Online Video from the Microsoft TechEd Conference

Watch videos of Luke Chung's participation on the Microsoft Tech Ed Conference panels.Microsoft TechEd 2009 Conference

Luke Chung Speaking at Microsoft TechEd Conference

Microsoft TechEd 2009 ConferenceMicrosoft has invited FMS President Luke Chung to participate on three panel discussions at their annual conference from May 11-15th in Los Angeles. Luke will be covering:

  • Running a Software Consulting Business
  • Developing SQL Server Applications
  • Development Strategies During These Challenging Times

For more information, visit our Upcoming Events page. Hope to see you there!

Total Access Components 2007 Ships

Microsoft Access ActiveX ControlsTotal Access Components 2007 lets you enhance your applications with amazing visual effects, interactive features, and other features that are sure to amaze your users. Add powerful functionality to your Access application in minutes with the only collection of ActiveX custom controls designed specifically for Microsoft Access. New features include support for Access 2007, a new Cursor control, and enhancements to many controls. Free demo available.

Luke Chung Speaking at the Denver Access User Group

Luke Chung is the featured speaker at the March 19th Denver Access User Group meeting held at the Microsoft Office in downtown Denver from 6 to 9 PM. He'll be covering Microsoft Access 2007, the FMS products for Access, and entertain any questions that may arise. The event is free and we encourage you to become member of the group if you aren't already.

For more information, visit

Microsoft Access and SQL Server VideoMSDN Channel 9 TV - Luke Chung on Microsoft Access Database and Migration Challenges

Microsoft's Dr. Zhiming Xue interviews Luke Chung on topic of dealing with Access database solutions and challenges that project teams deal with when migrating them to more scalable solutions.

Watch the video (22 minutes) and read more about Migrating Microsoft Access Databases to SQL Server.

United States State DepartmentFMS is Serving the United States State Department

FMS is honored to provide custom application design and development work for the headquarters of the US State Department in Washington, DC.

The State Department is using our ASP.NET development and SQL Server database expertise to enhance one of their existing public web site which is being converted from legacy ColdFusion and Delphi technologies.

Total Access Analyzer helps you create better Microsoft Access applicationsTotal Access Analyzer Version X.8 for Microsoft Access 2003, 2002, and 2000 is Shipping (January 2009)

An updated version of Total Access Analyzer is now shipping for Access 2003, 2002, and 2000. Many new features were added to help you find more ways to improve your Access databases. Here are the new features. Customers on support contracts receive the upgrade automatically, other customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.

Excel Security Patch Conflicts with Pasting Data into Access Tables (December 2008)

If you're used to pasting Excel spreadsheet data into an Access table, you may have encountered this error recently: The data on the Clipboard is damaged, so Microsoft Office Access can't paste it. Maybe you thought there was something wrong with your spreadsheet, data, or memory. It turns out this is caused by a Microsoft Excel 2007 security patch that was released December 9th. Learn about the issue and a few workarounds.

George Washington UniversityThe Hot Mommas Project: FMS Creates a Social Networking Website for Female Entrepreneurs (December 2008)

Seeking to build the world's leading case study site for businesswomen and entrepreneurs, a professor at the George Washington University Business School chose FMS to get it done. Key Features include:

  • The Hot Mommas Project at George Wasington University Business SchoolSocial networking features including tagging and public profiles
  • Rich text authoring
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driven URLs for participants' cases
  • Great prizes for competition winners!

Read more about this social networking website.

White Paper: Application Development During Uncertain Times (November 2008)

Read FMS president Luke Chung's white paper on how to best develop applications and position yourself during these challenging economic times. Balancing budgets, application requirements, and the rapidly changing external environment, a strategy that's quick and nimble is in more demand than ever. Learn how to best position yourself and your organization in these challenging times. Minimize risk and maximize your potential by getting solutions into production quickly and letting the market decide what survives and dies. Application evolution and natural selection is most powerful during times like these. Make sure you anticipate those forces.

Streamlining the Harvard College Interview Process (November 2008)

Harvard UniversityIt's the season for high school seniors to apply to college. This year our Professional Solutions Group is helping Harvard College automate their interview process. Almost every student who applies to be a freshman is offered a personal interview with a local Harvard alum. With over 22,000 applicants last year, it's quite a challenge to match up applicants with interviewers, and manage all the paperwork.

Our Professional Solutions Group created a web based solution using SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, and an Access administrative interface to assist with the process. With Harvard now providing massive scholarships based on financial need (families making under $80K a year don't have to pay anything and those making up to $200K pay only 10%), we expect an even larger pool of applicants. Best wishes to all who apply!

Total Access Speller helps you eliminate typos in Microsoft Access applications Total Access Speller 2007 Ships (October 2008)

The Microsoft Access 2007 version of Total Access Speller is now shipping with many new features. New X.5 versions are also available for Access 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Total Access Analyzer helps you create better Microsoft Access applicationsTotal Access Analyzer 2007 Ships (October 2008)

Thank you for your patience! The much awaited Microsoft Access 2007 version of Total Access Analyzer is now shipping.

Total Access Memo adds rich text format memo fields to Microsoft Access forms and reports Total Access Memo 2007 Ships (August 2008)

Total Access Memo 2007 for Microsoft Access 2007 is now shipping with full support for Access 2007 through Access 2000. Easily add rich text memo fields to your forms and reports tied to your tables. Includes a built-in full screen text editor to let you easily add fonts, point sizes, styles, paragraph settings, graphics, hyperlinks, and more! You can even spell check your formatted text with support for 20 languages.

Free Seminar for Microsoft Access to SQL Server Upsizing Co-Sponsored by Microsoft on June 27, 2008 (Reston, Virginia)

Please join us for a half-day seminar on upsizing Access applications to SQL Server.

Luke Chung, FMS President, and Steve Clark, FMS Project Manager and Microsoft MVP, will present these topics:

  • Where Microsoft Access Fits in the Overall Database Strategy of an Organization
  • Approaches to Upsizing Access to SQL Server

Microsoft Access to SQL Server Upsizing Seminar

Microsoft TechEd Panel Discussion: Are we there yet? Successfully navigating the bumpy road from Access to SQL Server (June 18, 2008)

Watch the televised video of Luke Chung, FMS President, on a panel discussion at the 2008 Microsoft TechEd Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Hosted by Microsoft's Mary Chipman, the panel discusses the challenges and approaches of migrating Microsoft Access applications to SQL Server.
Microsoft Access to SQL Server Upsizing video

Total Visual CodeTools 2007 Ships (May 13, 2008)

Total Visual CodeTools help you write and maintain VB6/VBA code betterTotal Visual CodeTools 2007 helps you write, cleanup, and deliver better VB6 and VBA code. Discover why so many Access, Office and VB6 developers rely on Total Visual CodeTools to simplify their application development, fix existing and inherited projects, and deliver more robust and supportable solutions. New features include support for Access 2007, detecting unused variables, improved code builders and utilities, and much more. Free demo available.

Microsoft MSDN Premium Subscription Special OfferSpecial Offer for Microsoft MSDN Premium Subscriptions (May 2008)

FMS is pleased to provide a two year MSDN Premium Subscription for almost the same price as a one year subscription. If you're serious about developing applications on the Microsoft platform, you need to get this amazing resource! Available while supplies last. Details...

Total Access Startup 2007 Ships (March 13, 2008)

Total Access Startup launches the right version of your database with the right version of Microsoft AccessTotal Access Startup 2007 is now shipping. Discover how Total Access Startup ensures your users run the latest version of your database with the correct version of Microsoft Access. Centrally manage an unlimited number of Access databases across your network and simplify upgrades between versions. New features include support for Access 2007, launching ADPs, supporting multiple Access versions on the same database, and much more. Press Release.

See you in San Diego, CA (March 2008)

Luke Chung is speaking at the March 19th meeting of the San Diego Access User Group from 6-8PM.

FMS is exhibiting at the Microsoft booth at the DoDIIS conference March 16-19th, so stop by if you're there.

For details, visit our Upcoming Events page..

Total Access Admin monitors Microsoft Access/Jet database usage in real timeTotal Access Admin 2007 Ships (Feb 5, 2008)

Total Access Admin 2007 is now shipping. Discover how Total Access Admin lets you monitor any Access database (Access 97 through 2007) to see all the current user connections. Watch how and when they enter and exit your database in real-time, keep a log file, and troubleshoot problems. You can even set it to compact the database once everyone exits.

Microsoft Access Help and Resource Center

Due to our extensive resources for Microsoft Access, a centralized page was created to make it easy to find all the information: Microsoft Access Help and Resources

It includes a brief history of Access, our experiences with Access, links to technical papers, tips, and other resources. New items include

The Rational Guide To Microsoft Office Access 2007 TemplatesFree Book Offer for Microsoft Access 2007

Get this Access 2007 book, a $24.99 value, for free! Through special arrangements with Zac Woodall and his book publisher, we're pleased to offer a limited quantity of his book, The Rational Guide To Microsoft Office Access 2007 Templates, with the purchase of one of our Microsoft Access 2007 products. Details...

New Technical Paper for Creating Monthly Summary Reports in Access

Written by Luke Chung, learn how to create spreadsheet like reports with monthly summary columns without writing any code. Details...

New Product: Sentinel Visualizer is Shipping (September 5, 2007)

Sentinel Visualizer revolutionizes data analysis with a powerful combination of features to let you maximize the understanding of your data. Gain insight into multi-level relationships and complex networks. Apply link charts, data filtering, gradient metrics, geospatial maps, timelines, social network analysis, and much more. Press Release

FMS Participating and Speaking at Advisor Summit in Miami, FL

FMS President Luke Chung is speaking in the Microsoft Access track of this event. We will also have a booth among the exhibitors. Details...

FMS Product Announcements for Microsoft Access 2007

We've been working with Access 2007 for over a year since the alpha version was released and are delighted by the considerable investment Microsoft made to enhance Access.

Rather than simply porting our products to Access 2007 with the same functionality as before, we've invested the time and effort to make sure we take advantage of the new capabilities of Access 2007, added features requested by our customers, and applied the new Office/Access 2007 look and feel.

Here's a summary of our plans and schedule

Total Access Statistics 2007 is Shipping (July 20, 2007)

Total Access Statistics performs advanced numerical analysis of Microsoft Access dataTotal Access Statistics for Access 2007 is now shipping with many new features. Enhancements for users of Access 2000, 2002, and 2003 is also available in a new X.7 Version.

Additionally, the Total Access Statistics web site is updated with information on the new versions, product PDF fact sheet, new tour, etc.

Total Access Emailer helps you send personalized emails and reports to everyone in your Microsoft Access databaseTotal Access Emailer 2007 is Shipping (May 18, 2007)

FMS is pleased to release our first product for Microsoft Office Access 2007. Total Access Emailer 2007 is now shipping and introduces several exciting enhancements over the original release, including support for the new ACCDB database format, new field types, new user interface, and the ability to attach Access reports as PDF or XPS files to your emails.

GSA ScheduleGSA Schedule Contract Awarded to FMS (April 16, 2007)

FMS receives a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract to provide software products and consulting services to the US Federal Government.

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerMicrosoft Gold Certification for 5th Consecutive Year

 Microsoft designates FMS as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for the 5th year in a row. This is Microsoft’s highest partner certification level and reflects the proven experience and expertise of FMS for creating solutions using Microsoft technology. Read on...

Protecting our Children with the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (Feb 07)

We recently began working with the good people at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ( to see how we could help their efforts. We also learned a lot about how to better protect our children. Read on...

FMS Free Links to Outside Resources (Feb 07)

Can't find what you're looking for on Microsoft Access, .NET, SQL Server? Visit our newly updated free links page and utilize the list of outside resources we've put together for your convenience.

Microsoft Featured White Paper, by Luke Chung, Updated (Jan 07)

In an effort to keep you, our customer, up with the latest advances in the industry, we have again updated one of the key white papers regarding Microsoft Access.

Learn when to use Microsoft Access and when to use SQL Server in your organization. This newly updated white paper discusses database needs, evolution, and challenges, the advantages, limitations, and myths of Access, and how to use Access and SQL Server strategically in your organization.

2/15/07 Upcoming Events

FMS is going to Disneyland! We hope to see you at the Advisor Summit on Microsoft Access and Office, May 6-10, 2007 in Anaheim, CA. Stop by our booth, or listen to FMS President Luke Chung speak about topics including:

  • Where Microsoft Access fits in the Overall Database Strategy of an Organization
  • Tips and Techniques for Taking Over an Existing Access Application
  • Best Practices for Creating Great Access Applications

Total .NET SourceBook 2005 is Shipping (Oct 06)

FMS released Total .NET SourceBook 2005, the latest version of its best-selling professional source code library and code repository for Visual Studio .NET. The newest version supports Visual Studio .NET 2005 with a comprehensive collection of royalty free, ready-to-use .NET programming code in C# and Visual Basic .NET. Find out more...

FMS Celebrates 20 year Anniversary (Oct 06)

Founded in 1986, FMS is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business. This proud achievement is a very significant milestone for us. Very few companies survive so long, much less firms in our rapidly changing technology industry. Our success over the years stems from properly serving our customers, employees, and vendors through many business and technology cycles. And, of course, the continued support our customers give us for our innovation and customer service. We'd like to thank you...

New Versions of Total Access Analyzer Available (Oct 5, 2006)

FMS, Inc. is proud to release new versions of Total Access Analyzer with many new features and enhancements. Version 11.7 is now available for Access 2003, Version 10.7 for Access 2002/XP, and Version 9.7 for Access 2000. Total Access Analyzer is the most popular Microsoft Access add-in winning every industry “Best Access Add-in” award since 1994. The new versions generate even more comprehensive documentation and analysis of Access databases to help help users and developers create better solutions.

FMS President Luke Chung featured on Microsoft website (Sep 06)

Learn when to use Microsoft Access and when to use SQL Server in your organization. This white paper discusses database needs, evolution, and challenges, the advantages, limitations, and myths of Access, and how to use Access and SQL Server strategically in your organization.

7/15/06 Newest Version of Total Access Emailer Available Today

We are excited to announce a new and greatly improved version of Total Access Emailer. Total Access Emailer is the leading email program for Access users and developers. Easily leverage the power of Microsoft Access and email to generate personalized text and HTML email for everyone in your table or query. Use field values from your Access tables and queries to create unique, personalized emails for each recipient. You can even maintain an audit trail to know who was contacted when. Download the trial today.

5/15/06 Magazine Awards Total .Net Analyzer magazine of Germany recently recognized Total .NET Analyzer as its Reader's Choice best software for testing, Q/A, and debugging! We are honored by this latest addition to Total .NET Analyzer's wide array of awards and rave reviews. Download a 30-day Trial today and see how this award-winning product can improve your applications.

5/10/06 Total Access Statistics Updates Available

Total Access Statistics is the most powerful data analysis tool for Access. Total Access Statistics runs as an Access add-in and offers a wide range of statistical functions to analyze your data, including regressions, percentiles, ANOVA, t-Tests, and much more. You'll be amazed at the powerful statistical analysis you can generate within Access!

As part of our commitment to providing quality software, we have released update patches for Total Access Statistics 11.0, 10.5, and 9.5 (for Access 2003, 2002, and 2000 respectively). These updates resolve a few known issues in the products, and also include several new features. Download the new updates today...

5/10/06 New Versions of Total Access Emailer Released

Total Access Emailer makes it easy to send personalized emails from within Access. With the release of the new .5 versions for Access 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003, users can now use Total Access Emailer to embed access reports, tables, queries, and more!
Learn about all the new features...

Small Business Specialist3/24/06 Microsoft Small Business Specialist Designation

Microsoft has certified FMS as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist with experience and qualifications to address the needs of small businesses. Find out what we can do for your organization today.

2/22/06 SQL Server Upsizing

While many Access databases remain perfectly fine in Access, a certain number grow and evolve into applications that push the limits of Access. When is it time to grow into SQL Server? Visit the Professional Solutions Group, Upsizing page and discover why even Microsoft uses FMS data to decide when you should use a new solution.

2/17/06 FMS Featured in the Washington Business Journal

As recently featured in Washington Business Journal, the FMS Advanced Systems Group is leading the industry to go beyond traditional link analysis. Visit today and learn more about this exciting advancement in technology.

2/15/06 FMS Announces renewal of its Microsoft Gold Certification for 2006

Microsoft has renewed its certification of FMS as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This is Microsoft’s highest partner certification level and reflects the proven experience and expertise of FMS for creating solutions using Microsoft technology.

10/14/05 Strategic Investment and Licensing Agreement with In-Q-Tel

As recently featured in Washington Business Journal, discover this new technology.

10/13/05 Steve Clark Designated Microsoft MVP

We are proud to announce that Steve Clark, Senior Project Manager, has been selected for the 5th straight year as a Microsoft Office Systems Access MVP. Each year Microsoft reviews the contributions of professionals around the globe to find the cream of the crop in dedication. In addition to being a consistent resource for Microsoft newsgroups, Steve has also been a contributing author to the Access 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference book published by WROX.

9/23/05 Get a Product Catalog Today

The new FMS product catalog is now available. Get to know some of the people that contribute to our success and all the latest products to "Accelerate" your work!

9/21/05 FMS Selected to Guest Speak at CIPS

The Canadian Information Processing Society has selected FMS to guest speak at the annual conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, November 8th, 2005.

9/16/05 Pod Cast with Luke Chung

This interview featured Access through the eyes of long-time database veteran, guru, and FMS president, Luke Chung. This Pod Cast was courtesy of

8/15/05 FMS Moves

We are happy to announce that FMS has moved. Our new address is: 8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 600, Vienna VA, 22182-2721. Phone, Fax, and Email information remains the same.

6/13/05 Case Studies

We enjoy sharing success stories with you. Here are 2 success stories we are proud to highlight. Office Tools Pro uses Total Access Memo and NGP Software, Inc. uses Total Access Agent. Share your experiences with us anytime.

4/22/05 Visual Studio Magazine

We are proud to be in the April issue of Visual Studio magazine, page 19, with a product listing for Total .NET SourceBook - our code library product.

4/13/05 Total Access Ultimate Suite

All our 2003 products for Microsoft Access are now shipping, which includes the Total Access Ultimate Suite. If you're serious about Access, this suite is what you need for significant productivity! Amaze the boss and save $2000 today!

4/12/05 Total Visual SourceBook

The most popular professional source code library for Access, VB, and VBA developers is now shipping with support for Microsoft Access/Office 2003, as well as Office 2000, Office 2002/XP, and Visual Basic 6. This new version includes browser enhancements to customize the error handling for the FMS procedures making it simple to replace the default error handling code, plus lots of new code. Over 85,000+ lines of code and 160+ classes and modules are available for you to use royalty-free in your applications!

4/5/05 Total Access Analyzer Recognized by Access Advisor

The new version of Total Access Analyzer is available and brings new functionality to help Access developers control their databases by understanding how they work.

3/18/05 Total Access Detective

Easily compare objects, properties, fields, controls, lines of code, data, and more to know exactly what changed! New features include combining data differences into a new table, summary reports for databases differences, support for ADPs, and much more! Versions available for Access 2000, 2002, and 2003!

3/15/05 Vote for FMS Development Tools

We are proud to have our products recognized in the development tools section of MSD2D's Fourth Annual People's Choice Awards. Vote for any of our 3 products: Total .NET Analyzer, Total .NET SourceBook and Total .NET XRef.

3/2/05 NOW SHIPPING: Total Visual Agent

All Access/Jet databases need regular maintenance for optimal performance and bloat elimination. Total Visual Agent solves your administrative chores like compacts and backups by letting you schedule these and other repetitive tasks. Total Visual Agent can now run as a Windows NT Service which lets you manage ALL your Access/Jet databases across your network securely. Supports all versions of Access (including 2003), Jet, and Visual Basic.

1/01/05 New Training Video System

Master Microsoft Access, .NET, .ASP, C#, and Visual Basic with this easy-to-follow CD-ROM collection from Blast Through Learning, a company recognized throughout North America for world-class courseware and comprehensive training courses. Industry experts Dan Balter, Paul Sheriff, Alison Balter, and Bruce Jones lead you step by step through the intricacies of using these. We are confident you will find these videos very useful, plus they are nearly 30% off regular price. Order today!

12/08/04 Now Shipping: Total Visual CodeTools

The new Total Visual CodeTools is shipping! The new version supports Visual Basic 6, Access/Office 2000, Access 2002/Office XP, and Access/Office 2003. Integrated directly into the VB/VBA Integrated Development Environment, Total Visual CodeTools provides a rich set of coding tools. Total Visual CodeTools helps you increase productivity and ensure that your code is efficient and maintainable.

11/30/04 New Division at FMS

We are proud to announce the new division within FMS, the Advanced Systems Group. This new group is responsible for delivering advanced analytical software to a variety of missions. Visit today!

10/12/04 MSDN Event in Southeastern Virginia

FMS recently exhibited at a MSDN seminar held in Chesapeake, Virginia. The event, attended by over 70 individuals, was a huge success for FMS, who was able to publicize products and services. For information on FMS participation in future MSDN events, as well as other seminars and roundtables, visit our upcoming events page.

10/1/04 Total Access Analyzer is Shipping

The most popular Access add-in of all time is now available for Access 2003, plus an updated version 10.5 supporting Access 2002. The new version offers over 200 "Best Practices" to flag errors, offer suggestions, and much more. To get more information on Access Analyzer, view our informational video.

8/27/04 Featured on: Let's Talk Computers Radio Show

Luke Chung, FMS president and founder, discusses software tools that are available to developers. Listen to the recorded radio interview today.

8/13/04 Software Solution for City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix has chosen FMS to provide operational consulting services and software support to its waste management department.

7/10/04 Sentinel TMS

Sentinel Threat Management System has recently been included in Microsoft's Justice and Public Safety catalog.

6/29/2004 FMS and Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)

Featured New Database System in Microsoft meeting.

6/5/04 Association Management Software

FMS delivers association management software for a major custom .NET application to manage memberships, relationships, and events for non-profit university organization headquartered in Washington D.C.

4/19/04 Total Access Emailer for Access 2003

"I recently purchased Total Access Emailer for Access 2003. I just want to say what a great program it is. We send invoices and dispatch data electronically (in text or Xml format) from our Access database. It used to be a rather cumbersome having to manually attach files that we had created using Access. Now, with just a click of a button, Total Access Emailer takes care of the entire process. Thank you!" - Phillip Kershaw, Triumph International (NZ) Ltd

4/14/04 Tech Deputies

Washington Business Journal reports: "Local firms capitalize on software that connects the dots for law enforcement. The heightened level of security has led to higher levels of government funding to fight terrorism, and officials with companies selling connect-the-dots software, such as Vienna-based FMS and Springfield-based i2, hope this will lead to increased demand for their products." - Neil Adler, Staff Reporter

4/16/04 Now Shipping Total Access Statistics for Access 2003

Total Access Statistics for Access 2003 is now shipping with many new features and analysis types. New versions for Access 2000 and 2002 are also available with these enhancements.

4/4/04 Product Review: Total .NET Developer Suite

Sanders Kaufman reviews Total .NET Developer Suite on "The Total .NET Developer Suite looks and feels very much like it is OEM and not a third-party add-in."

3/29/04  Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards

FMS has received two, 2004 Visual Studio Reader's Choice Merit Awards. Total .NET SourceBook was recognized for Development Tools and Total .NET Analyzer for Performance, Profiling and Debugging Tools.

2/25/04  Get a FREE FMS Catalog Today

Our entire product line in one catalog. This issue includes the MSDN Universal Subscription for only $1,499 when you purchase any FMS Suite and after the Microsoft DVD rebate - regularly $2,799.

2/24/04 Now Shipping Total Access Emailer for Access 2003

Total Access Emailer lets users and developers create and send emails based on their data. Explore this product trial today, FREE! Versions available for Access 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003!

2/13/04 Cast Your Vote Today!

The asp.netPRO First Annual Reader's Choice Balloting has begun! FMS is proud to be in the category of Add-in with Total .NET SourceBook and the Utility category with Total .NET Analyzer. Support asp.netPRO and FMS, vote today!

1/28/04 SD Times Highlights FMS .NET Tools

In the February 1st issue of SD Times, page 21, article titled "Building On .NET", features our very own Dan Haught.

12/16/03 MSDN Subscriptions - Huge Savings With FMS!

Purchase the MSDN Subscription from FMS and receive a $800 discount. And now for a limited time FMS will take an additional $200 off when you purchase the MSDN Subscription with any FMS Product Suite. Buy the Total .NET Developer Suite, Total Access Developer Suite or Total Access Ultimate Suite and pay only $1799 for the MSDN Subscription. That's $1000 in savings! (retail price $2799). Supplies are limited.

10/21/03 Technical Paper on Access

"Database Evolution: Microsoft Access within an Organization's Database Strategy" Whether you use Access or not, you'll want to read this detailed paper exploring the role of Access (the world's most popular database) in today's rapidly changing IT environment. Written by FMS president Luke Chung, this paper summarizes our experience with the use of Access across enterprise of all sizes. Discover how the strategic and proper use of Access maximizes your ROI and gives your organization a competitive advantage. This paper also analyzes the power of database evolution and how you should embrace and anticipate its impact throughout your organization.

10/10/03  Product Feature: Total Access Emailer

In the October issue of Visual Studio Magazine, Total Access Emailer is featured.

10/9/03 Product Review: Total .NET XRef

In the November issue of Visual Studio Magazine, Total .NET XRef is presented in the First Looks section. "A cross-referencing tool such as Total .NET XRef can be vital to supporting large, complex systems, and a lifesaver when you maintain other people's code. You can make changes with fewer unintended side effects when you can see every place where the code uses a data item. If you work with heavily used module-level variables or find yourself changing frequently used methods, Total .NET XRef can help you avoid making serious mistakes." - Andy Clark, Reviewer

10/1/03 Customer Service

"Geez, Nifty Products (like the Code Libraries), Spiffy Customer Service, and Super Prices (Great Value to the End User)... No Wonder folks keep coming back to FMS! It *is* kind of amazing the ugly level of customer service that's out there... Which makes is all the more refreshing when we get to deal with folks like Jessica and FMS. Thanks Again!" - Kevin Keith

9/25/03 Microsoft Case Study Featuring FMS

Maintaining a Competitive Edge: Improving Business Process with the .NET Framework features FMS and client MediVia.

9/12/03 Product Review: Total Access Emailer

"Email jobs are saved so they can be edited and reused. You also get statistics and reporting after a blast has gone out. There's even a programmatic interface in case you'd like to add emailing capabilities to your own Access applications. All in all, a nice piece of work." - Mike Gunderloy, Developer Central 32

9/12/03 Total Access Emailer Highlighted

Total Access Emailer is highlighted in the product listing section of the October issue of Visual Studio Magazine.

9/11/03 Total Access Emailer

"FMS Total Access Emailer lets you generate personalized e-mail messages in text or HTML format for everyone in your table or query." - Advisor Zone

9/10/03 Total Access Admin

"The FMS Total Access Admin helps you perform tasks such as fixing database corruption and logging off idle users in order to perform maintenance." - Advisor Zone

9/9/03 Microsoft Approves Total Access Startup

Total Access Startup has been approved by Microsoft for quality standards and will now appear with the Microsoft "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98" logo. Discover this superior product today.

9/5/03  Total .NET SourceBook featured in Tool Gallery

Total .NET SourceBook is featured in the Visual Studio Magazine Tool Gallery. Discover this product today.

9/1/03  Total Access Startup Featured in 46 Advisor Publications

Total Access Startup is featured in 46 Advisor Zone publications including the Microsoft Access Advisor Zone. Use the tool to launch a database with the appropriate version of Access every time.

8/24/03 FMS, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

FMS is now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest designation for a Microsoft partner, and another example of FMS's commitment to deliver the best Microsoft solutions and services.

8/20/03  iX Magazine

The German Magazine iX plans to publish a list of tools for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0/1.1. FMS is proud to announce our entire .NET product line has just been included in this special issue.

8/19/03 FMS Contributes to Advisor Magazine

In the September issue of Access-VB-SQL Advisor Magazine Troy Munford writes "Overcome a Common Access ActiveX Problem, Learn how linking tables at runtime affects ActiveX on forms and reports", page 22. Jim Ferguson writes "Avoid Unwanted Events in VB.NET", page 50. And Dan Haught has the Tip of the Month with "Decompile an Access Database to Improve Performance", page 50.

8/18/03  Product Review: Total .NET Analyzer

In the September issue of Visual Studio Magazine, page 11, "My favorite category is "Unused," which reveals unused assignments and variables—dead code that invariably winds up lying around once development is complete" said Reviewer Leonard Lobel. "The documentation is clear and thorough, and technical support is courteous and responsive. The tool had difficulty parsing one of my projects, and a friendly representative handled my call. Within a few days, FMS released a new version that fixed the problem."

7/18/03  The .NET Developer's Journal 2003 Readers Choice Awards

The .NET Developer's Journal is accepting your votes for the 2003 Reader's Choice Awards until August 30th. Our products, Total .NET SourceBook and Total .NET Analyzer have been nominated in a number of categories. We would be grateful if you could take a moment and cast your vote for your favorite FMS .NET tool.

7/17/03 Product Update: Total VB Statistics

As part of our commitment to providing quality software, we have just released an update for Total VB Statistics 6.5. The latest version of Total VB Statistics is 6.5.5. Download it today.

7/15/03 Product Update: Total Access Memo

As part of our commitment to providing quality software, we have just released an update for Total Access Memo 10 (for Access 2000 & 2002). The latest version of Total Access Memo 2002 is 10.01.0000. Download it today.

7/10/03 Total Access Startup Highlighted

Total Access Startup is highlighted in the product listing section of the July issue of Visual Studio Magazine.

6/27/03  Product Review: Total .NET SourceBook

"Moving and copying code snippets around from the Sourcebook to your Visual Studio project and vice versa is, as they say, a breeze. I was very impressed with the way you can highlight a chunk of code in your project and simply drag it onto a node in the sourcebook to create a new sourcebook entry automatically. Very neatly done." - Ged Mead, DevCity.NET

6/20/03  Product Review: Total .NET Analyzer

Mike Gunderloy compares three .NET tools and says, "Of the products I’ve looked at here, Total .NET Analyzer takes the most detailed look at code from all angles of best practices."

6/15/03  Total .NET Analyzer Featured in Advisor Zone

Total .NET Analyzer featured in the Advisor Zone, Visual Basic .NET provides two options for casting. What you need to know to optimize your applications.

6/9/03  Total Access Startup Eases Deployment Feature

Access Advisor Update, Issue 2003 Week 24, features Total Access Startup. Use the tool to launch a database with the appropriate version of Access every time.

6/2/03  SD Times 100 Innovators and Leaders, Recognizes FMS

"The SD Times 100 looked for companies which set a direction that developers and the industry followed in 2002" said Alan Zeichick, editor-in-chief of SD Times. "When choosing the SD Times 100, we carefully considered each company's offerings and reputation, as well as the attention and conversion we've heard around the company and its products and technologies, as a sign of leadership within the industry."

5/29/03  Product Review: Total .NET SourceBook

"The entire tool is completely intuitive. It's a great training tool and has excellent potential for encouraging development standards. Total .NET SourceBook's simple elegance is impressive." - Andy Clark, Visual Studio Magazine Reviewer

5/27/03 Rave Review: Total Access Analyzer

"I have been a fan of FMS since about 1996 when I found your free 3D text add-in for Access 2.0!! I was in college at the time and found your site to be a fantastic resource for learning about Access. I currently use the Total Access Analyzer for Access 2002 here at work. It's awesome." - Dave Totzke, Andrés Wines Ltd.

5/16/03 Microsoft MVP Using Total Access Analyzer

"I had four Access 2000 databases with linked tables to SQL Server 2000. Each database had some 60 forms, 80 ODBC linked and/or local tables, 200 queries, and around 100 reports each. I needed to clean up and combine these database front-ends and their respective SQL back ends. I don't know if I would have accomplished this with out using Total Access Analyzer. With the use of this tool I was able to clean up the VBA in all modules (get it to a compiled state). I was able to cross reference every object in the database (down to the field) such that I could find and remove unused objects and or correct errors. The product is great!" - Dave Patrick, Microsoft MVP Windows NT/2000 Operating Systems

5/15/03  Total Access Startup Featured in Advisor Explorer

In the current issue of Advisor Explorer, Total Access Startup is featured in the Technology News section.

5/14/03  FMS is a Proud Sponsor of Utter

Visit an incredible forum site for discussion on Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Office and .NET.

5/12/03  FMS and Microsoft form Access to SQL Server Migration Services

The campaign has begun, "FMS has a great history of successfully migrating Access applications over to SQL Server," said Adam Carroll, SQL Server Product Manager at Microsoft. "We knew we wanted a partner with a strong reputation for these service deliveries, so FMS was a natural choice for us."

5/5/03  Total Access Admin Featured in Advisor Explorer

In the current issue, Total Access Admin is featured in the Technology News section.

4/28/03  Product Award Nomination: Total .NET SourceBook

.NET Developer's Journal has listed Total .NET SourceBook as a nomination for their 2003 Reader's Choice Awards.

4/24/03  Total .NET SourceBook for Microsoft .NET

"Developers using Visual Studio .NET 2003 have a dependable resource with FMS," said David Lazar, director for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Developers using the Total .NET SourceBook for Microsoft .NET will experience greater productivity with a better understanding of the application before deployment."

4/21/03  Product Review: Total .NET SourceBook

"The mother of all Visual Studio code libraries...they're going beyond code, the first round of downloads included some hints for working effectively with VS .NET and a white paper on macros." - Mike Gunderloy,

4/17/03  Database Evolution - Guest View In Advisor Magazine

Luke Chung, FMS President, discusses database evolution - Microsoft Access in an organization's database strategy.

4/16/03  Product Review: Total Visual SourceBook

Total Visual SourceBook is reviewed by "Total Visual SourceBook has saved me hours because I don’t have to hunt for older code snippets and am able to employ its vast code library. Total Visual SourceBook can help VB developers keep better track of their code without blowing their budgets." - Brian Kennemer

4/15/03  Get Queries to Run Properly in Access

In the May 2003 issue of Access-VB-SQL Advisor, page 24, FMS's own Steve Clark, Project Manager, discusses how to migrate non-normalized data to a normal form in Access.

4/10/03  New Release: Total Access Startup

Total Access Startup is now available! Total Access Startup eases the deployment and management of Microsoft Access databases. With Total Access Startup, you can launch your database with the appropriate version of Access every time. Download the FREE Trial today!

3/28/03 Product Feature: Total SQL Analyzer PRO

In SQL Server Magazine March issue, Total SQL Analyzer PRO is featured as the software that can document and analyze your database performance and detect design problems on page 9.

3/24/03 Product Features In Visual Studio Magazine Directory

In the Visual Studio Magazine 2003 Buyers Guide & Product Directory, both Total .NET SourceBook & Total .NET XRef are featured on page 28. Total .NET Analyzer is featured on page 37. FMS is also featured as a VSIP partner on page 44.

3/12/03  Total .NET SourceBook Featured

Stephen Swoyer features Total .NET SourcBook in the Enterprise article.

3/5/03 Product Update: Total SQL Statistics

The update patch and new trial for Total SQL Statistics are now available.

2/28/03 SD Times Announces Total .NET Developer Suite

In the March 1st issue of SD Times, page 8, Alan Zeichick announces Total .NET Developer Suite. Buy the suite and save big.

2/24/03 Product Feature: Total Access Speller

In the March issue of Access-VB-SQL Advisor Magazine, page 57, Ken Getz discusses Total Access Speller, an add-in that can help developers catch spelling errors.

2/11/03  Total .NET Developer Suite "Essential Resource"

"FMS is providing Visual Studio .NET 2003 developers with an essential resource," said David Lazar, Director of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Development teams using the Total .NET Developer Suite will experience greater productivity by identifying application development issues before deployment."

2/4/03  New Versions for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Now available, new versions of Total .NET Analyzer, Total .NET SourceBook, and Total .NET XRef! These 1.1 versions fully support the new Visual Studio .NET 2003 (Everett). Download the FREE trial versions today! Order today and receive BOTH, the 1.1 version (2003) and the 1.0 version (2002)!

1/29/03  New Release: Total Access Admin

Total Access Admin is now available! Total Access Admin offers total maintenance control of your Access/Jet databases. Simply start the program, point to your database, and take control.

1/17/03 New Release: Total .NET SourceBook

Total .NET SourceBook is the Ultimate Code Library for .NET. Get a jumpstart into .NET with thousands of lines of C# and Visual Basic .NET code. Hundreds of categories, samples, tips, and how-to's make .NET coding a snap.

1/7/03 eWeek Announces Total Access Startup

In the January 6, 2003 issue, page14, eWeek announces the new FMS Total Access Startup. The new product sets Access database options and enables distributed deployment of applications. More details on this product coming soon.

12/31/02  Case Study of Total .NET XRef

Cross-Reference Tool Eliminates Confusion - Knowing How Code Is Used Makes Changes More Dependable. This case study features BizIntegrity using Total .NET XRef. "Total .NET XRef is an absolute life saver" - Jeff Lynch, BizIntegrity

12/17/02  Review: Total .NET Analyzer, Code Critic

In the January 2003 issue of Software Development, Rick Wayne reviews Total .NET Analyzer on page 20. "...It's a great way to pick up some of the best practices in .NET coding" - Rick Wayne, Software Development

12/16/02 MSDN Flash Presents Total .NET SourceBook

This addition of MSDN Flash announces Total .NET SourceBook in the Products and Technologies section.

12/12/02  Review: Total .NET SourceBook One Place For Everything

"Previous SourceBook products from FMS have been very useful, and this looks like another fine addition to the line." - Mike Gunderloy,

12/11/02  New Microsoft Case Study with FMS Project

Omnicom delivers an industry-changing distribution channel for the promotional-products business with Tic Toc Marketplace on the Microsoft site.

11/29/02  Product Review Analyzer That - Total .NET Analyzer

"FMS has a long track record of delivering excellent value to Microsoft Access and VB developers. It looks like they'll be keeping this up with .NET developers." - Mike Gunderloy,

11/4/02  FMS Initiates Growth Plan in Consulting

FMS hires new vice president, Bill Robinette, to take the lead for consulting growth.

10/24/02  Luke Chung Featured in 10th Anniversary of Access

Access is now the world's leading desktop database solution, used by millions of people worldwide. Microsoft created a 10 year birthday web page for Access. Another Access addition is the MSDN Access Developer Center. We are proud to announce that three of Luke Chung's technical papers were recently published on that site.

10/22/02  Total .NET Analyzer is Now Shipping!

 Use Total .NET Analyzer to scan all your projects for errors, performance, security and standard issues.

10/15/02  Visual Studio Wire Features Total .NET Analyzer

Visual Studio Wire announces Total .NET Analyzer.

10/7/02  Visual Studio Magazine Reviews Total SQL Statistics  

In the November issue of Visual Studio Magazine, Total SQL Statistics is reviewed on page 17. "Total SQL Statistics can help your VB application deliver data quickly from your database to your consumers without having to re-enter or transform it." - John Pearson, Visual Studio Magazine

9/30/02  Total .NET Analyzer Featured On Microsoft VSIP Site

Total .NET Analyzer is featured on the Visual Studio .NET Partner Resources main page.

9/16/02  .NET Framework Supported by FMS Products

"The FMS Total .NET product line is a valuable resource for Microsoft .NET developers targeting mobile development," said David Rasmussen, lead product manager for .NET mobile developer technologies in the Developer Platform and Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is pleased to be working with FMS to offer customers an easy-to-use computing experience that will enable developers to take advantage of the dedicated resources of Microsoft .NET."

9/15/02 SD Times Features Total .NET Analyzer

.NET Analyzer Checks C#, VB.NET Code by Christina, M. Purpi appears in the Software Development Times, September 15, issue, page 15.

9/9/02 Reviews Total Visual CodeTools

"I like this product. It has helped me write more readable, maintainable code, and it basically taught me ADO database programming." - Brian Kennemer

9/6/02 Visual Studio Magazine Features Total SQL Statistics

In the October issue of Visual Studio Magazine Total SQL Statistics is featured in the Product Listings section, page 21.

9/5/02  Visual Studio Magazine Reviews Total .NET XRef

In the October issue of Visual Studio Magazine Total .NET XRef is presented in the First Looks section, page 19. "One nice feature of XRef is its ability to find any object," said Dianne Siebold. "XRef is useful for speeding up development in enterprise projects."

9/4/02 MSDN Flash Presents Total .NET Analyzer

Volume 6, Number 9 announces Total .NET Analyzer in the Products and Technologies section.

9/3/02  MSDN Subscriptions Are Available Here

Now you can join the Microsoft Developer Network at a savings. Subscriptions and renewals are available today.

8/27/02 C/C++ Users Journal features Total .NET XRef

In the New Products section: FMS Releases Total .NET XRef, August issue, page 57.

8/19/02 Smart Access Reviews Total Visual CodeTools

"If you've never been good about coding standards, or your good intentions are sometimes sacrificed when you're working in crunch mode, then you owe it to yourself to check out Total Visual CodeTools, a great set of coding tools" - Danny Lesandrini, August issue, page 17 -18.

8/15/02 Windows Developer Features Total SQL Analyzer PRO

New product announcement in the August issue, page 52.

7/30/02  Microsoft Office Solutions Magazine Reviews: Total Access Speller

- "It's entrepreneurship at its best: A company listens to users' complaints about a weakness in a popular program, and then the company provides a solution. That's exactly what FMS, Inc. has done for Microsoft Access database developers with Total Access Speller." - Faithe Wempen, August issue, page 37 - 38.

7/18/02 Advisor Magazine Reviews Total Access Speller

"If you're worried about the spelling on your Access database interface objects, check out FMS Total Access'll have no problem figuring out how to use the program." - Crag Bobchin, Contributing Writer. August issue, page 38 - 39.

7/17/02 Advisor Magazine Publishes Rob Mastrostefano

The August issue contains Create a Page Indicator Component on page 18. Rob Mastrostefano is a senior system analyst with FMS and a member of the consulting team that develops custom software solutions.

7/16/02 Advisor Magazine Reviews Total .NET XRef

"I found this is a tool of the same FMS quality developers have come to rely sure is nice to have in my toolbox." - Thomas Wagner, August issue, page 38

6/19/02 Smart Access Features Total Access Detective

"If you're working on a whole bunch of databases and need help keeping track, this one is for you."
- Smart Access eXTRA, Issue 3.6

6/5/02  Microsoft Office Solutions - Total Access Components

Total Access Components for Access 2002 is featured in the June issue of Microsoft Office Solutions Magazine, page 6, in the Toolbox section.

6/5/02  MCP Magazine Features Total Access Detective

Mike Gunderloy provides a nice review of Total Access Detective 2002

6/3/02  Advisor Magazine Features Total Access Detective

Track changes in Access 2002 with Total Access Detective - June 2002 issue.

6/1/02 Windows Developer Announces FMS Total .NET Line

The Windows Developer Magazine, June 2002 issue, announces the entire FMS Total .NET product line.

5/31/02  Pinnacle Publishing Adds Total .NET XRef

Pinnacle Publishing adds Total .NET XRef to their .NET Developer Store.

5/23/02  Total SQL Analyzer PRO Reviewed

Sid Singer of Database Developers Group reviews Total SQL Analyzer PRO. "I found the detailed listing of scripts for all database objects, along with issues for each, to be an invaluable documentation guide to the database design features. Another favorite is the dependencies report, which illustrates all the relationships among the objects in the database." - Sid Singer, Database Developers Group

5/17/02  SQL Announces Total SQL Analyzer PRO

Total SQL Analyzer PRO - the enhanced version of its predecessor.

5/16/02 MSDN Magazine Announces FMS .NET Products

In the June 2002 issue, section "NEW STUFF, page 11 - FMS rolls out five new developer products for Visual Studio .NET.

5/15/02 dotnet Announces Total .NET XRef

5/14/02 asp.netPRO Magazine Announces FMS .NET Products

asp.netPRO May 2002 issue, page 56 - FMS offers five new developer products for Visual Studio .NET

5/13/02  Total SQL Analyzer Gets 5 Star Review

asp.netPRO gives 5 Star Review, June 2002 issue, page 56: "Total SQL Analyzer is a unique tool with a great price...Building on 15 years of experience, FMS continues to deliver outstanding bang-for-the-buck development tools. I highly recommend this product." - Thomas Wagner, asp.netPRO Magazine

5/1/02 MCP Magazine Reviews Total .NET XRef

"The end result is a tool that you can just use, as if it had been built in all along. And after a while you'll wonder how you did without it."
- Mike Gunderloy,

4/29/02  Windows Developer Magazine Announces FMS Products

Total Visual Agent, Total Access Components, and Total Access Statistics were listed in the "New Products" section of Windows Developer Magazine, May 2002 issue, page 68.

4/25/02 Total Access Analyzer Reviewed

"Total Access Analyzer is the most thorough solution for completely documenting Access databases."
- Mike Gunderloy, Smart Access eXTRA, Issue 3.2

4/19/02 VBXtras Publishes Dan Haught's Article

Creating High-Resolution Times with Total Visual SourceBook.

4/18/02 Features Total Access Detective

Track changes in Access 2002, as well as discrepancies in different versions of your database.

4/15/02  C/C++ Magazine Announces Product Release

In the May 2002 issue of C/C++ Magazine, Total Visual Agent is announced on page 59, in the "New Products" section.

4/11/02 PRO Magazine Published Dan Haught's Article

In the April 2002 issue of PRO Magazine, Designing Commercial Web Services: Part 2, Versioning and Client Support with the .NET Framework on page 52, in the "asp:feature" section.

4/10/02  Visual Studio Posted Total .NET XRef Release

Total .NET XRef - New Software is now available!

4/4/02  Total .NET XRef Now Available

Cross reference code on demand with Total .NET XRef. "It is blazingly fast...I was completely astonished at the speed of this tool."
- Thomas Wagner, eTechPartner, Inc.

4/3/02 SQL Server Magazine, April Issue

Analyze Stored SQL Server Data, page 12 - Total SQL Statistics 

4/2/02 Total Access Analyzer Reviewed

"Total Access Analyzer remains one of the most essential add-ins on the market for the serious Access developer." 
- Mike Gunderloy, Microsoft Online Certified Professional Magazine

3/27/02 Smart Access eXtra issue 3.3, from Pinnacle Publishing

Announces Total SQL Analyzer PRO, Total Access Analyzer, Total Access Detective and Total Visual Agent are all available.

3/19/02  Total SQL Analyzer Reviewed

Document SQL Server Databases, page 15 & 16 - Total SQL Analyzer.

3/18/02  SQL Server Magazine March Issue

New Product, Developer Tool, page 10 - Total SQL Statistics

3/14/02  DNJ Post Total .NET XRef to their Site

Visualize your C# and VB.NET code.

3/13/02  Microsoft Office Solutions Magazine March Issue

In the "Tool Box" section, page 6. Two new products, Total Access Speller and Total SQL Statistics are featured.

3/12/02  Total Visual Code Tools Reaches MSDN April Issue

Define Enterprise-wide Coding Standards.

3/11/02  Total SQL Analyzer PRO is Available

The PRO version is now available. Visit and see what's new.

3/11/02  All 2002 Access Products Are Now Available

Our Access 2002 products are now available, including Total Access Analyzer!

3/6/02 Total Access Detective for Access 2002 is Shipping

Find differences between objects and databases. Great for multi-developer and multi-version environments.

3/6/02 Total Access Speller Reviewed

Smart Access Reviews Total Access Speller, March 2002 issue.

3/4/02 FMS Products Win Awards from Visual Studio Magazine

Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Merit Awards for Total VB Statistics - Data Analysis Tool and Total Visual Agent - Middleware and Data Connectivity.

2/28/02 Total Visual CodeTools Reviewed

"With Total Visual CodeTools, you can slip standards in as part of a productivity tool set - and expect that people will actually conform. Also worth a look if you ever expect to go back and try to maintain your won code. Don't overlook the Help file either - rather than just describing the product, it's also got a long and useful section on VBA best practices."
- Mike Gunderloy, Smart Access eXTRA, issue 3.2.

2/27/02 Alison Balter's New Book is Out

Alison Balter's Mastering Access 2002 Desktop Development
"The Total Visual SourceBook is any developer's best friend. The code library alone is worth many times the price of this tool. This tool goes a long way toward promoting reuse and consistency within a development environment."
- Alison Balter

2/19/02 Total Visual SourceBook Reviewed

"The thing is, there are many times where code must be used to make one’s application do something different and that is when you will really appreciate the brilliance of Total Visual Sourcebook."
- Graham J. Hadlington, Helping Hands, UK

2/14/02 VSLive Exhibitor

February 14-16, San Francisco, CA

2/13/02 Five New Products for Visual Studio .NET

"Microsoft, in combination with FMS is delivering an easy-to-use computing experience that will enable customers to take advantage of the next generation of the Web," said David Lazar, group product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "The FMS product line for Microsoft .NET will be an extremely valuable set of products for our mutual customers."

2/12/02 First .NET Preview Version - Total .NET XRef

It is here! Download this incredible preview version today and put it to work on your Visual Studio .NET projects.

2/6/02  Total Access Statistics Reviewed

Microsoft Online Certified Professional Magazine reviews Total Access Statistics for Access 2002.

1/30/02  Total Visual Developer Suite Now Available

The Total Visual Developer Suite includes Total Visual SourceBook and Total Visual CodeTools, with new support for Access 2000/2002, Office 2000/XP and Visual Basic 6.0

1/29/02  Total Access Speller Reviewed

Smart Access eXTRA issue 3.1.

1/29/02  Four New .Net Programs That Significantly Enhance .NET

Developers can create applications faster, analyze and cross-reference code, simplify development efforts, and improve the quality of their results with our productivity products.  

1/28/02  Total Visual SourceBook Now Available

New Support for Access 2002, new code for ASP and more!

1/22/02  Total Visual CodeTools Now Available

Total Visual CodeTools for Access 2000/2002 and Visual Basic 6.0 is now available.

1/15/02  SD Times Newspaper Writes On Total SQL Statistics

1/15/02 PRO Magazine Published Dan Haught's Article

Designing Commercial Web Services: Part 1, Security and Flexibility with the .NET Framework.

1/14/02  Total Access Speller Now Available for Access 2002

You check and re-check and make sure every button works, and every report is complete and understandable. The big day comes. You demo your application to users, or send reports out to the company. And all that people remember is the spelling error that you missed.

1/10/02  Total Access Analyzer Reviewed by

1/9/02  Total Visual Agent Reviewed by Microsoft Online Certified Professional Magazine

1/2/02  Total SQL Statistics Listed on SQL WIRE.COM

12/31/01  Total SQL Statistics VB.NET Advisor Tech News

12/27/01  Total Access Speller Now Available for Access 2000

You check and re-check and make sure every button works, and every report is complete and understandable. The big day comes. You demo your application to users, or send reports out to the company. And all that people remember is the spelling error that you missed.

12/24/01  Total Access Speller Now Available for Access 97

You check and re-check and make sure every button works, and every report is complete and understandable. The big day comes. You demo your application to users, or send reports out to the company. And all that people remember is the spelling error that you missed.

12/21/01  Total Access Memo Now Available

New Support for 2002! Robust and Professional rich text formatting - Now with full justification of text!

12/12/01  Total SQL Analyzer Gets Software Spotlight

Automate the documentation of SQL Server using Total SQL Analyzer. SQL Sever

12/12/01  Total SQL Analyzer Gets Another 4 Star Review

"Total SQL Server Analyzer is an invaluable tool that can save you time in preparing documentation, whether for Business Analyst, customers, or for disaster recovery preparedness. The documenting engine outputs data that is gold to me because I don't have to spend the days it would take to generate it. It lets me spend those days performing better uses for my time." -- Brian Knight, SQL Server Central.Com

12/11/01  Total SQL Statistics Now Available

Powerful Number Cruncher for SQL Server and .NET Ready!

12/5/01  Total Access Statistics Now Available

New Support for 2002! The most powerful data analysis program for Microsoft Access.

12/4/01  Total Visual Agent Now Available

Automate maintenance chores for your Access/Jet databases: Automate backups, compact/repairs, repetitive tasks, and much more.

11/28/01  Total Access Components Now Available

27 ActiveX controls written specifically for Microsoft Access: supercharge you forms and reports, and simplify programming.

DNJ Reviews Total SQL Analyzer

"If you want to keep your database running efficiently, Total SQL Analyzer could provide the answer." - Kay Ewbank  

Smart Access Reviews Total Access Analyzer 9.5

"This is one Access utility that's worth the money", said reviewer Danny Lesandrini.  

On the Radio

On the October 27 radio broadcast of "Let's Talk Computers", Luke Chung, FMS President, discusses changes in the computer industry and the 15 year anniversary of FMS. 

Total SQL Analyzer Gets 4 Stars

"I hate documenting things as much as anyone, but I recognize the value and try to spend time working on it. I was excited to see a product that would ease the burden of documentation." -- Steve Jones, SQL Server

Microsoft Selects FMS as Visual Studio Partner

FMS is selected by Microsoft as a Visual Studio Partner.

FMS Now Offers ESD

FMS offers heightened convenience with ESD - now available

FMS President Gives Radio Interview for Entrepreneurs Group

Entrepreneurs Tour of America. Find out more about the man who started it all, and how FMS was built slowly and carefully over 15 years. No overnight, get rich quick scheme here!

You will need a FREE Real Player 8 Basic to hear this radio show interview.

FMS Wins Advisor Magazine Editors' Choice Awards

In the Gold category of Best Access Add-In - Total Access Analyzer 2000; In the Gold category of Best Access Add-In - Total Access Components 2000; In the Gold category of Best Visual Basic Add-In - Total Visual CodeTools 2000. Reviews Total SQL Analyzer

"It's greatest strength lies in preserving a set of document snapshots for database object comparison over time." -- Danny J. Lesandrini

Total SQL Analyzer Is Now Shipping!

The world's first professional documentation and analysis program for Microsoft SQL Server. Now you finally can take control of SQL Server with Total SQL Analyzer.

New FMS Products For Microsoft Office XP

FMS products for Office XP and Access 2002.

Total Visual Developer Suite 2000 Reviewed

"Every time I look at the package with the little blue-and-green tag reading "What's your time worth?" I think about the thousands of lines of ready-to-use code that come with it. I must say that on more than one occasion Total Visual SourceBook has made the difference between a marginally profitable project and a soundly profitable one. I cannot imagine any VB programmer who could live without this excellent tool." - Thomas Wagner of MS Office Deployment and Development

Total Visual Developer Suite 2000
March 2001

Microsoft Office Deployment and Development Conference

April 8-12, 2001
Orlando, FL
Speaker - Luke Chung, FMS President, answers Access questions and demonstrates FMS products for Access

VBPJ 2001 Readers Choice Award

Total Visual Agent 2000 voted the Readers Choice Award for Best Middleware & Data Connectivity.

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January 13-20, 2001
San Francisco, CA
Speaker at Tools Track

Total ZipCode Database Released

The entire USPS 5-digit zip code database with corresponding city and state names. Includes monthly subscription updates. Enter a zip code and go!

FMS Visits NYC

January 8, 2001, Access SIG, New York, NY - Speaker, Luke Chung, President. Upcoming Events

Introducing the FMS Community Newsgroup

Get involved in the community. Do you have a question or need product support? Discuss the solution while you gain knowledge on the FMS Community Newsgroup site. We've improved everything to better communicate with you.

VB Tips & Tricks Reader Choice Awards

Total Visual SourceBook 2000 was voted "Most Popular Programming Component" while Total Visual CodeTools 2000 received Straight A's in its categories. Awards

Microsoft Access Dev Con 2000 Pinnacle Awards

FMS collected seven awards during the DevConnections 2000 conference in New Orleans. Jointly sponsored by DevConnections and Pinnacle Publishing, these awards recognize excellence in third party tools and are chosen by developers like you who really use and know the tools. Awards

On the Radio

On the August 12 radio broadcast of "Let's Talk Computers", Luke Chung, FMS President, discusses FMS and ways to develop Visual Basic applications more efficiently with FMS products. 

Access 2000 Suites Released

Serious Access developers should get our award-winning products in suite bundles to save time and money! Now available for Access 2000.

Visual Basic Suites Released

Visual Basic developers can now get our award-winning products in money saving bundles! Designed for individual developers and development teams, these suites will save you time and headaches!

FMS President takes the reins at Young Entrepreneurs' Organization

FMS President Luke Chung is now serving as president of the Washington, DC chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO). YEO is a global, non-profit, educational organization that helps its 3500+ members build upon their successes through an array of learning and peer-to-peer support opportunities.

1999 VBXTRAS Thunderbolt Awards

Total VB SourceBook, is still receiving recognition and awards from the VB community! Total VB SourceBook has received the VBXTRAS Best Source Code Library and the Best Collection of General Purpose Components Awards. Each year readers of VBXTRAS -- a leading magazine for Visual Basic® programmers -- select the award-winning products because they’re the most intriguing, innovative, and promise the best value for Visual Basic developers. Awards

Total Visual CodeTools 2000 Released

Increase your productivity and let your entire development team share and enforce a consistent set of coding standards. Supports Access/Office 2000 and Visual Basic 6.0

Total Visual SourceBook 2000 Released

The Ultimate Code Library for Developers, Teams and Enterprises! Supports Access/Office 2000 and Visual Basic 6.0

Total Access Components 2000 Released

The only collection of custom controls designed specifically for Access. Easily add new power and functionality to your Access applications.

Total Access Analyzer 2000 Released

Winner of every Best Access Add-in award since 1994. Total Access Analyzer 2000 is now available.

Total Visual Agent 2000 Reviewed

"It's not very often that one runs into a product that is useful to so many members of an IS team. A network administrator can use it, because data backup is typically something assigned to this person; a corporate developer or DBA can use it to maintain Jet databases in their optimal state; and a consultant can use its e-mail notification capabilities. It's so easy to run that, in a pinch, even a power user can use it. Total Visual Agent is a real find, a rare combination of ease of use, and "bang for the buck." In the end, no other competitor even comes close!"-Thomas Wagner, MS Office and VBA Developer

Microsoft Office and VBA Developer Magazine Total Visual Agent 2000 FMS' Database Maintenance Tool
May 2000, MS Office & VBA Developer, pp. 58-59.

Total Access Memo 2000 Released

Only Total Access Memo 2000 gives you the power to add full formatting to your rich text data! Our super-easy data binding means the you can integrate rich-text right into your existing tables. 

Total Access Statistics 2000 Released

The most powerful data analysis program for Microsoft Access is now available for Access 2000. Perform a wide range of statistical analysis on your databases.

Total Access Memo 2000 Recommended by Microsoft

Microsoft reports a bug in Access 2000 that they say can be resolved by using FMS' Total Access Memo 2000! According to Microsoft, you cannot see the contents of an embedded Microsoft Rich TextBox ActiveX Control when you Print Preview a report in Access 2000. However, FMS has a RichText control available that does not result in the behavior described in the article. Click here to read about the bug and the solution using Total Access Memo 2000!

Visual Developer MagazineTotal VB SourceBook Reviewed

Total VB SourceBook received another glowing review. This time from Visual Developer magazine.

"Total VB SourceBook calls itself “The Ultimate Code Library for Visual Basic”, and from what I can see it lives up to that claim....

"Anyone starting out with VB project needs Total VB SourceBook. While more experienced programmers will already know many of the techniques and procedures in this database, everyone will find something to use. The ability to add and index your own procedures in a multi-programmer environment makes this a tool no VB programmer should be without" - Matt Hart, Visual Developer Review

Visual Basic Programmer's JournalTotal VB Statistics Reviewed

See what the experts are saying about our statistical analysis program for Visual Basic in the May issue of VBPJ or see full text of the article online.

"If you are looking for a small but powerful statistical calculation engine, Total VB Statistics can help. It is flexible and easy to use, and best of all, it writes the code for you." - Rama Ramachandran, VBPJ Review

Total VB SourceBook Wins the 1999 VBPJ Readers' Choice Award

Total VB SourceBook, FMS' debut Visual Basic product, is already receiving recognition and awards from the VB community! Total VB SourceBook received the highly coveted Visual Basic Programmer's Journal (VBPJ) Reader's Choice Award. Each year readers of VBPJ -- the leading magazine for Visual Basic® programmers -- select the award-winning products because they’re the most intriguing, innovative, and promise the best value for Visual Basic developers.

Take a look at the Ultimate Visual Basic Code Library and Code Repository...Click here!

Total VB SourceBook
1999 VBPJ Readers' Choice Award
Readers' Choice

Total Access Detective Reviewed

Total Access Detective was reviewed in the March 1999 Denver Access Area User Group Newsletter. Click here for full text of the article!

"Total Access Detective is valuable for those times when you have two or more versions or copies of the same database and you are not sure which one is the latest version. This program is a must have for those times when you have two or more people working on the same project, it takes the confusion out of trying to determine which changes or updates are the correct ones."

Total VB SourceBook Reviewed

Read the rave reviews Total VB Visual Basic SourceBook has received:

"A programmers dream!...all code in the SourceBook is completely reusable, with royalty-free distribution rights. And its perfectly commented too - just the right information for beginners and advanced developers alike...Smart, innovative and easy-to-use - this product is full of real-world solutions that you can't find anywhere else...and invaluable addition to anyone's development toolkit. A must-have!" -- WinPlanet Review

Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Total VB SourceBook
Spring 1999 Buyers Guide, VBPJ, page 68.
WinPlanet Logo
4½ out of five stars!
Total VB SourceBook
January 1999, WinPlanet Online Review.
Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Borrow Code from the Library
November 1998, VBPJ, page 15.
Total VB SourceBook 5.0.1 for Microsoft Visual Basic
August 14, 1998, Visual Programming++.

FMS Wins 13 Access-VB-Office Advisor Reader's Choice Awards!

Seven of our add-ins won thirteen awards in the 1998 Access-Office-VB Advisor Readers Choice Awards. Access-Office-VB Advisor is the premier magazine for Microsoft Access. With this clean sweep of the majority of the Microsoft Access categories, FMS is clearly established as the leading 3rd party product provider for Access. The following is a list of our award winning products:

Total Access Analyzer
Best Access Add-In - Gold medal
Best Debugging Tool - Gold medal
Best Documentation Tool - Gold medal
Total Access Agent
Best VB Add-In - Silver medal
Total Access CodeTools
Best Access Add-In - Silver medal
Total Access Components
Best ActiveX Control - Gold Medal
Best Interface Design Tool - Gold Medal
Total Access Detective
Best Debugging/Testing Tool - Silver Medal
Total Access SourceBook
Best Office Add-In - Gold Medal
Best Source Code Library - Gold Medal
Best Access Add-In - Silver Medal
Total Access Statistics
Best Business Product - Gold Medal
Team Access
Best Version Control Tool

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